security issue or is it ?????

  chaos01 17:28 04 May 2004

every time i turn my internet explorer on and my msn messenger on i keep gettin a notification saying i've already signed in at another this an issue that i should be worried about or what is it(sounds daft asking that when the notification basically says it). if it is an issue to be concerned about what steps should i take. ie contact msn, change password. can i also add that i've disabled windows mesenger and have msn as my homepage if that makes any difference. suggestions/advise welcome.This has actually been happening for over a year and im only realising the implications of it now

  Diodorus Siculus 17:38 04 May 2004

Never heard of it but change your password and see what happens. Let us know - this could be interesting.

  ste_bla 17:41 04 May 2004

both aol and msn tell me im signed on in 2 places when i redail net...

  chaos01 17:00 05 May 2004

loaded in zone alarm and just happened to notice that the the windows messenger which i previously had said was disabled was running still and listening to ports 8686.was abit suprised to see it cause it doesnt show up on my task manager applications running or on my bottom right task bar. how can i go about permanently disabling or deleting it. i followed a step by step guide before but it obviously hasnt done the job. one other thing why does it say its listening and the msn messenger just says msn. surely the two function the same

  westdudes 17:07 05 May 2004

hi i get EXACTLY the same problem and so does my still looking for a solution.ive completly deleted windows messenger on my computer (which was built by packard bell) except it still shows its ugly mug signing in when i dont want it to.however i built my own comp and i dont get this problem on the i built myself.but there seems to be a pattern that most PC's which are built for people by these companies.mine packard beel my sis's sony viao, has this problem specifically with AOL and Windows messenger, amybe its a comflict between there 'restore to factory settings or back up programs causing this' i dont know.just a thought

  westdudes 17:09 05 May 2004

i misread abit because someone said something about aol.what isp do you use chaos?

  cycoze 17:47 05 May 2004

In XP you could remove/uninstall Windows Messenger click here or click here , this wont effect MSN Messenger .

  cycoze 17:49 05 May 2004

And if you want to install it again click here .

  Simon_P 19:07 05 May 2004

It probably means that somone else has got hold of your sign in details and are using your account, I had this problem some time ago and hackers used my account to spam 1000's of emails.
You will have to change your password if this is the case. I dont think you can log in as long as the account is in use though.

  cycoze 19:31 05 May 2004

If Windows Messenger is running signed in with a .NET Passport account , which happens to be the same account used for MSN Messenger , then you will get an error/notification stating "already signed in at another location".

Either use a different .NET Passport account or shutdown/remove Windows Messenger .

Worth a read click here .

  carolineann 19:31 05 May 2004

I think Simon7063 is probably right. My daughter sometimes borrows her boyfriends laptop when she is travelling to uni and signs in on my account, not a problem for me as I know who it is. I do find though if I keep trying to sign in I can generally knock her off.

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