security for the home p.c

  Him & er 03:42 25 Aug 2004

hi just a qik question i would like to know how to put a password in the bios to stop my little darling going on the internet when they are grounded well not just the internet also the p.c plz can anyone help me..ty

  Forum Editor 07:27 25 Aug 2004

as the computer is booting - before you see the Windows loading screen - by pressing the delete key. There are other access keys - sometimes F1 or F2, or Ctrl+Alt+Esc depending on the make of your motherboard, but try the Delete key first.

Normally you'll see the correct key being displayed during the boot sequence, but if you have a branded machine (Dell, HP etc.) this may be hidden by a brand splash screen. If this is the case you can clear it by pressing the Esc key.

Once in the BIOS you can navigate to the password-setting facility. Be sure that you choose an easily remembered word - if you forget it you'll also be locked out of your computer.

  Urotsukidoji 08:33 25 Aug 2004

what O/s are you using?

if its XP set up user accounts, and password lock them, on their user account give then limited access, including barring of internet, and denial of installing programs. end of problem that way you can stop em as requested, and if you forget your p/w you can recover, if you forget your bios p/w things become a whole lot trickier, including rummaging around with the internat workings of your machine - not for the feint of heart or non technically minded.

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