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  melvyn 22:02 19 Sep 2004


I have a desktop PC connected to the Internet, and a laptop connected to the PC. This has internet availability by using Microsoft Internet Sharing. Both machines are running XP.

On the desktop are Norton Personal Firewall and Norton Antivirus.

I am assuming that all traffic both in and out goes through the desktop, therefore the Firewall and Antivirus on the desktop are sufficient to protect the laptop.

Am I right?

  neko 08:54 20 Sep 2004

I am not sure but I don't think it does. I will be interested in people's responses. If the ICS connection has the xp firewall on I presume that will give some protection but whether norton's will look at the IP address and its ports I don't know.

What I do know is your laptop should have its own virus gaurd and firewall anyway as it can get viruses through other media and you may connect it to the net another way.

  neko 09:04 20 Sep 2004

And no traffic does not go in and out through your desk top. That is just a graphic representation of things you have and can use. Just like a desktop at work!

  ChrisRLG 09:25 20 Sep 2004

I would also add other products too.
AV and firewall are not enough nowdays.

Try adding the free offerings listed on my website click here

If using Spybot S&D and Ad-Aware the should be configered also from the standard - link to site (mine) with details click here

Others you should consider (costs sorry) is a trojan hunter click here

  melvyn 10:09 20 Sep 2004

Thanks for the info so far, I'd like to keep the thread open for a lttle longer to see if I get any other replies. Great in depth reply ChrisRLG many thanks.

  JonnyTub 10:36 20 Sep 2004

If norton's doing it's job properly and is up to date as well as windows updates on both machines your laptop will be absolutely fine sitting behind the host pc. Norton's job is to monitor all traffic coming in and out of you main pc. Traffic that also includes your ics connection to the laptop. To say that you have a connection assumes that norton see's the laptop as "safe" and allows the transfer of data to and forth. It doesn't stop monitoring the content, or in other words your protected. Add other products if you so wish for extrea security, but i think you will find yourself having conflicts by installing a firewall on the laptop. Not unresolvable one i admit but ones you could really do without.

  JonnyTub 10:43 20 Sep 2004

if you want to check how secure you are acces this firewall testing site from your laptop click here

Although i have said you don't need another firewall on your laptop, you DO need an av package such as the freely available AVG

  JonnyTub 10:46 20 Sep 2004

or this firewall testing site click here is better

  neko 13:32 20 Sep 2004


For my interest can you explain how it would work. For instance is all the information sent through on one port, policed by Norton's, to the laptop? Or if not how does norton know what ports are open and safe on the laptop as well as the PC. The Laptop will have a seperate IP address so surley different Ports.

Sorry if I am missing the point entirely but it is intersting.

  JonnyTub 13:43 20 Sep 2004

i know very little about ports except that if your firewall is up to scratch, it should stealth all ports and those that it is not sure about or commonly ask for access should bring up a "do you wish to allow ?????. to access the internet? with which you click yes or no or vice versa for incoming. Norton should "police" all traffic coming in and out of your machine. If it's not then it needs to be configured to.

Have you tried the firewall test as above second post?

this may be of some interest click here

  neko 14:25 20 Sep 2004

Thanks for the reply.

I have had some fun with that testing site, the second one.

I am still not sure where one PCs ports stop and the others start. How does the ICS know whether it is, for instance port 23 on the first pc or the second. If it knows this by different IP addresses then what if you wanted it to be ok on port 23 on pc1 but not PC2?
Would you not need a second firewall to make decisions for the second set of ports?

Well I will try not to lose sleep over it.
It would be interesting to see melvyn's results using his lap top on the second site you recommended though :)

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