Security flaws in Firefox/Mozilla/Thunderbird !!!!

  dagwoood 01:34 16 Sep 2004

As per this article click here users of Firefox, Mozilla and Thunderbird have been advised to download the latest versions available. This is to address known security issues.


  Dan the Confused 01:42 16 Sep 2004

Lucky most malware writers only bother with IE!

  Valvegrid 06:45 16 Sep 2004

"Lucky most malware writers only bother with IE!"

True, plus the vanerabilities have been fixed very quickly once they are discovered and confirmed.

  Valvegrid 06:47 16 Sep 2004

I'll have to fix my brain to run the spellcheck prior to posting.

vanerabilities = vulnerabilities

  skeletal 10:26 16 Sep 2004

Ages ago I thought I would try Mozilla, but much to my suprise, when I went to secure sites like my bank for example, when I entered my password it was displayed in all its glory (instead of the usual ****).

Also, I found that as I used IE6 as well, and I am often putting URLs in my favourites folders, that I could not see Mozilla's favorites in IE6's favorites and vice versa.

I went back to IE6.

Note that I am not rubbishing other browsers, just pointing out that they may have their own set of problems, and it's up to the user to choose which set of problems they prefer!


  canard 11:05 16 Sep 2004

My bank and other secure sites work perfectly well with Firefox plus Favourites can be exported both ways. Have just installed latest FF and so far so good.

  dagwoood 14:15 16 Sep 2004


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