Security dvr H960h h264 cannot display this video

  lestro 16:57 16 Dec 2015

I'm trying to install a kkmoon dvr and my vga monitor displays the kkmoon splash screen then black with message cannot display this video mode, also same on hdmi output also. Is there anything I can do to correct this?

  Bris 17:08 16 Dec 2015

Its probably caused by the output resolution of the PVR being higher than the capability of the monitor.

  lestro 17:52 16 Dec 2015

I also connected it to a hdmi port on a different monitor and it wouldn't display there either, if the monitors resolution was too low would i get the splash screen? thanks

  Bris 18:41 16 Dec 2015

Its likely that the splash screen is at a lower resolution than the normal output.

You may be able to bring up the DVR menu as this should be at the same resolution as the splash screen and see if there is an option there to alter the resolution and maybe also the refresh rate.

This message is most likely coming from your monitors.

  Bris 18:58 16 Dec 2015

Just a thought.. the spec says either PAL or NTSC - switchable. Have you got it switched to PAL?

The HDMI resolution is 1920 x 1020. VGA is 1024 x 768.

As a matter of interest the DVR has a Linux OS installed so you may be able to load into the Linux version of safe mode and change the resolution but I am thinking aloud here.

  lestro 20:15 16 Dec 2015

I can't get the menu to display to check if it's switched to pal or not, and I know nothing about linux. I guess my only recourse is to return the unit. thanks for your help

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