TomJohn 13:52 05 Oct 2018

On IE for some websites such as Google I keep getting a message saying there is a problem with this websites security certificate. Other sites seem to work ok. I have a similar problem with Chrome. I'm fairly sure it isn't a virus or anything like that. I'm on Windows 7 Home Premium. I've googled the problem but got nowhere so far. Any suggestions?

  wee eddie 14:11 05 Oct 2018

What is your Anti Virus? AV is the product that usually flags-up that sort of thing

  TomJohn 14:30 05 Oct 2018

I'm using MS security essentials. I will try AVG

  john bunyan 14:55 05 Oct 2018

Check your date/ time. If wrong that can cause these issues. If it persists your CMOS battery may need replacing

  alanrwood 16:52 05 Oct 2018

This happens on a lot of sites who's security certificate has expired. Check the url starts with httpS. Pointing this possible security risk has recently been built into some browsers.

  TomJohn 17:17 05 Oct 2018

The date time look fine. Its sites like google and youtube so not just obscure ones. What is a CMOS battery and how do I tell if it needs replaced. Some sites allow me to continue but some I just can't get access to at all. Its across IE as well as Chrome. Other than this the computer is working fine.

  john bunyan 22:44 05 Oct 2018

A CMOS battery is one of those flat silver discs that back up the date etc when the PC is switched off. If your date / time is ok, don’t worry. Google your PC and battery to see how to change it but not easy on some laptops.

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