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  Furkin 11:21 29 Jun 2010

ACER T120. XPpro - IE8

A strange thing just started on my machine,,,, I went to log onto one of my bank sites,,,, and got the message "The security certificate presented by this website has expired or is not yet valid - etc".
I thought it was a glitch at their end, so tried to log on to another banks site. I got the same message,,,, and again when trying to log on to a Credit Card site.

I no longer think it's a glitch at their end.

I'm about to re-boot to see if I have an insignificant (!) glitch at my end, but in the mean time was wondering if you guys know what it's about ?


  Furkin 11:26 29 Jun 2010

I just saw on Google, that if the date changed on the computer would/could make this happen. I checked the date and it was 1910 instead of 2010 !

I changed it to 2010 & it 'seems' o.k now.

I've never known a machine to change dates on it's own. Any idea why that might happen ?


  Furkin 11:36 29 Jun 2010

Is it likely ? The machine is about 5 years old and is on every day, almost all day.

Can this be checked ?

  Furkin 11:57 29 Jun 2010

Sorry S.U: I replied b4 seeing yours.
I've looked at the link. I had assumed that these batteries were re chargeable (realising that they still burn out etc) - it seems that they are just coin batteries.

I keep loads of batteries,,,, but only cheap ones, so I'll get a decent one for this issue.

I've looked in the BIOS in the past but never done anything in there. It will be interesting to see what I make of it ?!?!
The link says to write down all the settings. Is that ALL the settings in BIOS ?

I'm about to re-boot & look to see what mine is.

Whilst on the subject, I had thought (just the once) about updating the BIOS. Is it comparatively easy ? What are the pitfalls for a first timer ?

  Furkin 12:41 29 Jun 2010

Re Booted & wrote down CMOS stuff.

Couldn't see the BIOS 'type' - AMI / AWARD etc on booting, so will whip the panel off & see if it says anything on the chip.

Will also see the exact CMOS battery.

Date/Time stayed correct at re-boot.

  Furkin 13:27 29 Jun 2010

Hi RD,

Just checked inside.
The BIOS chip says: Phoenix D686 - 1998 - 1500413.

I couldn't find the CMOS battery to start with and was about to replace the panel, when I spotted it - it's on edge, not flat to the board on the KM400.

Then I got carried away & took it out to check the voltage. It still shows 3.18v, so I guess it's well o.k yet.
It was then that panic set it, as I realised that the plan was to 'just look at it to see what it was',,,,

Fearing the worse, I popped it back in & switched on,,,, So far it 'seems' o.k. Still comes up with the correct time/date as well.

I guess for the time, i'll be keeping my eye on it. My next purchases will be a HDD & PSU. I can then use my existing HDD as an external one as per RD advice.

I'll click Resolved for the time being,,,, but if any other ideas or advice pops up, please feel free to send it along.

thanks all.

  Furkin 13:30 29 Jun 2010

Thanks S.U - again our messages crossed.

Will leave alone whilst it's running o.k. !

I might get someone to do it for me when I start upgrading the innards.

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