Security Certificate Errors

  Herestomo 16:24 23 Nov 2008

I've just changed to a new tower and trying to set things up,
Security center keeps coming up with certificate errors, either expired or invalid.
I only ever visit trusted sites eg, e-bay, banking, pay-pal but cant progress while these warnings are in place.
Can I disable this faature or is it not that simple, I have tried but failed :(

  Pineman100 16:48 23 Nov 2008

Here's a couple of ideas.

Have you looked at the time and date on your system clock? These errors can sometimes be triggered if these incorrect.

Click Tools>Internet Options>Content>Certificates. If there are any expired certificates in the list, delete them.

  Herestomo 17:18 23 Nov 2008

Cheers pineman100 Set date and time while having probs with downloading other stuff so that bit is ok. Looked in certs list, all looks ok in there too, cant even sign on to e-mail account without error msg, Onlu occurs when user name and password involved :)

  recap 17:52 23 Nov 2008

click here it may help with your problem and inform you further about certificates.

  Herestomo 18:23 23 Nov 2008

Thanks recap, can't find the specific question on that site, so can't find the solution. It did'nt highlight my exact problem. Would it be possible to just get rid of wimdows pc guard and depemd on virgin pc guard? Or would that be too risky?

  recap 19:42 24 Nov 2008

Have you tried Goggle Chrome this may stop the errors?

  Herestomo 18:43 26 Nov 2008

Hi & thanks recap,
I now know what the problem is, Pineman100 pointed me to the time & date settings and was right, However, every time I re-start the date & time goes back to 01/01/2003 even though I click "Apply & ok" Because I have been re-starting lots with reloading my programs I wasn't aware that it was happening. I now just need to find out how to keep time & date as I set them.
Thanks again :)

  Switcher 19:37 26 Nov 2008

Replace cmos battery

  Herestomo 19:53 26 Nov 2008

Hi Switcher,
Sorry to come across as being Thick but what is a cmos battery? :)

  MAT ALAN 19:59 26 Nov 2008

click here

this may help...

  Switcher 21:08 26 Nov 2008

That is a very good link provided buy MAT ALAN, however I wouldn't worry to much about saving the Bios settings if you are not too experienced. Open the case find the CMOS battery siver disc about 2cm diameter. Remove and replace. Bear in mind danger from static as per the previous link.

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