security cameras and lights.

  bumpkin 16:23 11 Dec 2011

Hello everyone, Not a very good title, I will try to explain, I have four cameras around the outside of my house, tiny things about the size of a tennis ball, made by Sony. The cameras are very good in daylight not so good at night although they have infrared. I can monitor these 24hrs on an old PC. I can record 24hrs on an old PC but disk will become full. Not explaining very well here, I want to link the recording of the cameras to when the lights are on due to sensors. Dont want recording all the time only when lights on. Want to link the lights to the cameras. It is just a fun thing I play around with as a hobby, not Howard Hughes or Bill gates

  bumpkin 21:23 11 Dec 2011

Thanks for your reply, that would be the best option but I don`t know if the cameras can do it. the software gives an option to set out a "detection field" Is there an obvious way to tell just by looking at the cameras? I cant see any motion detectors as I know them, big ugly things.


  Bris 17:00 12 Dec 2011

Hi Ray Motion detection is a function of the software and not the camera, the camera is just a camera. Depending on the software in use you should be able to define an area of the image or the whole image as the area where, if motion is detected, then recording starts. The way they usually work is to divide the image into a number of squares and then you designate the square or squares where you wish to detect movement. If for example you had a camera installed in a busy office where someone was stealing cookies from the cookie jar then you would select the square in which the cookie jar appeared and then only when motion was detected in this square would you set it to record (recording stops shortly after the activity stops).

As far as filling up the hard drive, look to see if the software allows you to increase compression and also reduce the frame rate. A frame rate of 12 frames per second will use half the disc space of a frame rate of 25 but the picture will appear more jerky.

  bumpkin 22:53 12 Dec 2011

Hi Bris, that is very interesting as I can probably do exactly what I require. I thought the cameras had to have motion detectors but reading your reply I can see how this can be done with software. Presumably the cameras have to be on 24/7 but will only record when motion is detected. Had a play with this, seen the grid etc. Will post back.

Many thanks


  Bris 11:56 13 Dec 2011

Hi Ray.

Yes, cameras are usually left on 24/7 and you use the software to determine how and when recording takes place.

  bumpkin 19:06 13 Dec 2011

Hi again, getting somewhere here, my software will support this, brilliant. Just need to set it up properly not the same as infra red. Tried it out but cameras are on all the time as I set it to all areas so a waving tree branch would set it off. I need to look into zoning it properly as your example with the sweets jar.


  bumpkin 21:23 13 Dec 2011

Hi this is good stuff but new to me, if something triggers the recording then how long does it carry on?


  Bris 16:20 14 Dec 2011

On my unit it stops recording automatically shortly after motion stops. Suggest you designate one square that normally has no activity, then initiate some form of activity briefly in that square and see what happens. Alternatively have a look at the software manual to see if that gives a clue.

  bumpkin 17:19 14 Dec 2011

Hi, thanks again this is useful feed back to me. Had the cameras 3yrs and did not know I could set the motion detector with software so I never bothered, thinking I needed IR sensors. I have now found how to set the record time and the areas. OK I did print out the 100 page plus complicated manual but it is so much easier if someone just tells me what to do.

My thanks for your replies, I wont close yet as I may need further help.


  bumpkin 00:19 16 Dec 2011

Call me stupid but where is the close tab

  Ventad 08:50 16 Dec 2011

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