Security Alert - Ports 80 & 443 open!

  MartynHoll 15:44 11 Dec 2004

I have just run a security check and the internet checking software has reported that my PC's ports' 80 & 443 are 'open'! The trouble is, I don't know how to close them - can anyone help, please?

  ACOLYTE 15:48 11 Dec 2004

Port 80 is usually used by IE as an HTTP port to connect to net,the other one im not sure about but if you close 80 IE may not be able to connect,then again it may,im no expert so someone else may fill in in more detail.

  MartynHoll 16:12 11 Dec 2004

So by what you are saying, Port 80 has to stay open (I have got Zone Alarm running so I am not that concerned!).

  ACOLYTE 16:13 11 Dec 2004

Try this click here run all the scans may take a while but should tell you whats what.

  Valvegrid 16:15 11 Dec 2004

ACOLYTE is quite right, port 80 needs to be open and also port 25 and 110 if you use pop3 email. Port 443 is used as a secure port when you use secure web sites or https sites, the ones with a padlock on. This gives a bit more info:

click here

  Technotiger 16:23 11 Dec 2004

Hi, in ZA you should set your Firewall Zones as follows: Internet = High, Trusted = Med.
this will ensure that your computer is in Full Stealth mode and will be 'invisible' to hackers etc on the net, you will of course need to keep your AV up-to-date as well. You can then do a security check with ShieldsUp here click here Cheers.

  Valvegrid 16:31 11 Dec 2004

I've never heard of a home PC being hacked, I should think any hacker breaking into my machine or anyone else's would probably die of boredom after reading the first file. If you're worried about passwords etc., forget it, there's far richer pickings for a hacker out there than a home PC.

  MartynHoll 18:16 11 Dec 2004

I have now found out what is allowing Port 80 to be open. I have Skype software running for internet calls and this is what is allowing Port 80 to be open. If I quit Skype, then I have total stealth!

  bremner 18:41 11 Dec 2004

Happens far more often than you would think - and when it does it can be a frightening and worrying time for the 'victim'

  Dorsai 19:31 11 Dec 2004

there are hackers out there, that i think everyone agrees on.

There are also car thieves. Some steal a car to order, and the car is then sold on for profit. Others just do it for the hell of it, with the sole intention to wreck the stolen car for 'fun'.

I would guess the same is also true of hackers. I am sure your PC's contents are as boring and valueless to a third party as my PC's, but some sad people take joy from spoiling the possessions of others. Profit is not a consideration, it's just mindless vandalism.

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