security alert

  jimmer409® 05:42 05 Jun 2005

don't know whether everyone knows this, but mozilla firefox will reveal all your user id and password data unless you protect it!!!!!!!!!!!

  octal 07:53 05 Jun 2005

Okay, you've made a statement, but you haven't back it up with a link to prove this is the case. I've checked Known Vulnerabilities in Mozilla Products click here but there's no anouncement there. It would be nice if you could tell us where this gem came from please.

  jimmer409® 08:21 05 Jun 2005

if your old browser was ie and over time you had allowed ie to save your data (a lot of people probably do, saves time, and if you're the only user, its probably okay), but if you let someone else use your computer and they downloaded firefox, they could view all your data by going to tools, options, privacy, view saved passwords! unless you password protect this option it's open to anyone. try it and you will see what i mean.

  VoG II 09:08 05 Jun 2005

Interesting ... but on mine it seems only to cover usernames and passwords for forums and the like. No details are available for banking and on-line shopping sites that I visit.

  jimmer409® 09:31 05 Jun 2005

vog, maybe i'm being paranoid, but on mine it showes one of my main bank accounts and some of my corporate site data, anyway why should any browser allow this option, defeats the whole concept of privacy. I feel this is information that people need to consider if using firefox, it's slick and fancy, but in my humble opinion, ie is far superior.

  octal 13:50 05 Jun 2005

I use Linux, so I don't have IE and each user has their own account on the computer, so there's no way any of the other users can look in my folders.

  jimmer409® 14:44 05 Jun 2005

never tried Linux, is it okay, can i download it for free to try?

  Joe R 14:47 05 Jun 2005


All you need to do is clear your browser history after using bank details etc, even so if you are on a secure site, this info should not be retained.

  octal 15:00 05 Jun 2005

I've been using it for a year now, although I've got Windows 98SE on my other partition I never use it. I use Xandros click here its one of the easier ones if you are an ex-Windows user. You can use the free Open Circulation Edition (OCE) but to be honest its worth paying 40 quid for the Deluxe version because everything is package without having to scout around looking for programs.

Its very stable and very secure, I have got AV but very rarely run it and when I do all it finds are Windows scumware that won't run on it.

  jimmer409® 15:26 05 Jun 2005

starting to get off on a tangent now, please, see the original thread

  Stuartli 15:44 05 Jun 2005

The bank'(s') details may well be listed in Firefox's Save passwords etc feature, but you would still have to know the personal username, password and Mother's/Father's etc name needed to be able to enter a particular banking (or similarly protected) website; this feature is part of the website's security rather than your own system.

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