Security advice from Facebook users please.

  bpzoom 20:07 13 Sep 2013

I do not use Facebook but my wife does on her email sub account.I know nothing about Facebook but as it is accessed via emails, I would like to know if there is a additional risk in opening Facebook messages? My unanswered forum thread about the Pop 3 timeout which crippled my Windows Live Mail makes me wonder if an oversized email attachment perhaps on a Facebook message might have been the cause of the time outs. Something got stuck in other words and the Live Mail could not get long enough with the server to cope with it. Would Facebook users please advise what precautions they take if any when receiving a Face Book request?

  Woolwell 20:16 13 Sep 2013

Your wife will log into Facebook with her email address but that is not the same as accessing via emails. You can chat between friends on Facebook (online) not emails. Any chat message doesn't use your email account or email servers and therefore will not clog it up. It is however possible that if you have a low broadband speed and both are using it at the same time, especially wirelessly, then it could slowness and time outs.

Facebook requests ie request to be a friend should only be accepted from people you know and are willing to exchange information with. You can set posts on facebook to friends only.

  bpzoom 20:35 13 Sep 2013

Thanks Woolwell! I will pass that helpful advice on to my wife. The broadband speed is quite fast, BT Infinity. Thanks also for reassuring me by explaining how Facebook does not use the email account.

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