Securing wireless network problem

  Milan Slavic 16:40 07 Jan 2017

Hello everyone! I had no protection on my Wi-Fi network, but yesterday I've secured my network with WPA2/PSK encryption. The problem is, when I secure my network, I get 2 versions of it: 1 protected (full signal) and one unprotected (weak signal). These 2 versions are named the same. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  MLA2000 17:01 07 Jan 2017

Can you post the make and if possible the model of the router?

  Milan Slavic 17:51 07 Jan 2017

It's Huawei's HG531 V1 router.

  Burn-it 23:55 07 Jan 2017

Does your router have a guest server ? BT usually give you a better rate if you allow them to install a guest server on your router.

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