Securing Wireless Network

  ventanas 11:21 03 Oct 2008

A bit complicated this. At the home of a member of the firm there are two identical laptops, one business (Vista Business) and one his own(Vista Home Premium). The business one connects to the office through a VPN and the connectiuon was set up by the IT consultancy we employed to do the job.
They confirmed that he would also be able to connect his own laptop through the same router.
This works fine, the wireless network is detected and pressing the connect button puts him on the internet, but there is no second screen to enter the security key, which is not really ideal.
So do I have to set up the connection from scratch in Network and Sharing, choose an SSID and generate a key, and could doing this mess up the connection for the other machine, which I don't want to risk.
I can't really ask those who installed the thing as this is not part of their operation, although they are also the ISP.

Grateful for any help.

  mgmcc 12:01 03 Oct 2008

Which "security key" are you looking for?

When you connect a Wireless Network Adapter to a Wireless Router for the first time, you are prompted to enter the WEP or WPA key for the encrypted network. The settings are then saved in a profile so that future connections are automatic when the wireless network is available. Only if the "profile" is deleted should you be prompted again to enter the WEP/WPA key.

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