Securing contents of a USB Stick

  Blott 18:04 16 Jun 2010

I have an ACCESS database, which if left on a train, would not bring the Government down, but does contain several hundred records of very personal data. I have been given this to make changes to the database.On my computer the database held in an encrypted file, and I am confident that is a sufficient level of security.
However, the owners of the database now want me to take it (with my changes)to their office, on a USB stick. I'm not all that happy about that without some security.
Can anyone recommend a way of securing the contents of the stick that does not need a decryption programme to be installed on the recipient computer. ?

Best regards to all.

  T I M B O 18:46 16 Jun 2010

click here

Makes you wonder tho, that if this is as secure as they say, then how come they can update it lol.

  Belatucadrus 20:39 16 Jun 2010

Cryptainer mobile click here

  Blott 09:02 17 Jun 2010

Many thanks for that, but see below - I already have the answer. For info the changes I am making are to the database itself, not to it's population. Idea is I make the changes and take sample to them for approval and if OK I then change their original. Thus I want security in transit whilst in my care. However, your mention of security is very pertinent and I am happy to say that I have no responsibility for their own in-house security, which seems to me to be very poor. They're a charity, most volunteers, good people but don't see any security problems as "we're all friends together and what could go wrong ?"

Oh dear oh dear !!!! I have been using Cryptainer for some years but had no idea that it contained the mobile facility. All done now and very satisfactory.

Sorry folks for wasting people's time on something I was took lazy to look for myself.

Regards to all.

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