Secured wireless problems

  chickpea_leeds 17:41 01 Mar 2006

I'm not quite sure where to begin but...

I have a belkin Wireless G Router, which is hooked up to ntl broadband and providing a wireless connection for two laptops. i recently secured the wireless network with WPA. One laptop was able to access the network without a problem once the proper passkey was entered (Its IP address is The second laptop had some teething problems, which was rectified once a static IP address ( was entered.

The second laptop has been able to access the secured network for about a month. It has always had a few problems, as the signal drops, which causes it to loose its vpn connection to the office). I assume this is normal to have signal strength fluctuation, which results in the vpn connection dropping.

However, a few days ago, it decided to stop cooperating. It can still read the wireless signal but there is no activity at all and i have no access to the internet. The speed also varies between 1 Mbps and 54 Mbps, but it doesn't really matter as there is no activity (varies between 0 packets to 1000 packets), so no connection to the network. I know the network is fine as the first laptop is still happily hooked into the internet.

I've compared settings on both computers and the only difference i can see is that when you look at the all connections window (which displays any internet connection) the description in the bottom left-hand corner (which displays IP address, etc) show the problematic computer's wireless network connection as having the encryption disabled, while the working computer's encryption is enabled.

However, both computers have the WPA-PSK on, with the appropriate passkey. and i can't find anywhere else to fix this.

Can anyone please advise on possibly what has happened and how i can access the secured network again with my second laptop (which i desperately need to have internet as i work from home!!)
hope you can help

  ade.h 18:01 01 Mar 2006

Off the top of my head; is the problem laptop using TKIP or AES? The router needs TKIP.

I'm sure you'll get more suggestions.

  chickpea_leeds 09:53 02 Mar 2006

I have tkip set for both the working and not working computers.

in fact, the settings (apart from the IP address) appear to be identical for each computer.!?

  ade.h 18:03 02 Mar 2006

We'll have to work out if there is any other difference between the two notebooks, then.

For example; the OS, the make/model of adapter, an obscure setting, etc.

  keewaa 19:21 02 Mar 2006

Could you disable the WPA security on the router for a trial period and see if the problem vanishes without security.

If it does then we can narrow the problem down to security. Then try with WEP security and we can narrow it down to WPA if WEP works fine as well.

Also while you're in the router, could you check that the static IP you use ( is outside the pool of IPs that is being used for DHCP.

Have a quick check at any other MAC filtering or IP blocking etc, just to check some strange setting hasn't appeared.

  chickpea_leeds 10:32 03 Mar 2006

The OS for the working computer is Windows XP home edition 2002, and the non-working laptop is Microsoft Windows XP Professional

I'm using a Belkin Wireless G router - model F5-D7230-4

I've checked an the IP pool includes (and goes up to And there don't appear to be any Mac filtering or IP blockings set in the routers set up.

I have tried disabling the security to an open network and the problematic computer seems to be able to access the internet. I think the problem is definitely related to the fact that my computer doesn't seem to like a secured network.

But i'm a bit dubious about trying to set up a WEP setting, as i don't know anything about internet security and don't want to lose the internet on the working computer if i set it up incorrectly.

Other than reverting to an open network, with no security, is there anything else i can do?

any advice greatly appreciated!!!
Is there anything i can check on the computer that's not working to see what else might be blocking or at least destabilising the access?

  keewaa 11:57 03 Mar 2006

Well, as you say, as it did work for a month and works without security and the 2nd works fine then we can assume it is a problem with the laptop, the WPA settings or firmware / drivers.

Upgrade the firmware/drivers for the wireless device used by the laptop. Also do a manual windows update (start- all programs -windows update) click the custom button and update any hardware updates found for the PC/laptop.
Check the Device Manager for any yellow triangles or conflicts.

Delete and reset all the WPA settings on the laptop. Try temporarily enabling SSID broadcast on the router in case another netowrk in range is causing the problem?

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