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  Sam F 12:45 02 Jun 2006

I need some secure web space (https/ssl) to set up a shopping cart. My current web host doesn't have this (at least not without an expensive upgrade) I was wondering if it was possible to pay for some space with another host, set up a cart with them and then direct shoppers to this. If this is possible/feasible does anyone know where I can pick up some secure space cheaply? or would I have to move my whole site to a new host?
Many thanks

  ade.h 17:21 02 Jun 2006

I think it would probably be better - both from a practical and presentation standpoint - to move your site to a suitable host. If you do what you propose, you might as well take the easy route and sign up with Netbanx or similar, which is used on many respectable shopping sites. On the one hand, having it all under one roof looks more professional, but the 3rd-party option is convenient and your customers see a known quantity that they can trust. It's not too much effort to move your domain to another host if you'd prefer to do that.

  Sam F 15:16 05 Jun 2006

Thanks for the help.
The more I look into this the more i'm convinced my current host isn't the greatest on earth. Every other host seems to offer more for less than i'm paying at the moment. To be honest, I think it was the thought of moving my domain name that was stopping me, but if you say it's not such a scary proposition I might give it a go.

  ade.h 16:11 05 Jun 2006

Not scary in the slightest.

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