secure internet for guests

  markcomp 07:20 05 Mar 2010

OK now this is one that making me scratch my head!
We have a small apartment that is separate from our house in that it is fully self contained. we let it to tourists etc. Increasingly people ask for internet access, we have wifi but two concrete floors means that it doesn't quite reach the apartment. I could hardwire it, but folks are happier with go anywhere wifi.
The real issue is that if I give them access, they will have access to my computer! I limited access in the past with my sons computer so if his gets accessed as result of assorted gaming sites etc (and the viruses he seems to pick up), our work machines are not effected, but can I do this for our apartment and how can I get maybe separate wifi up there?????
I am really a bit lost with this!!!

  mgmcc 10:20 05 Mar 2010

The security issue shouldn't be too much of a problem, but you need to run firewall software which you can configure, such as Zone Alarm.

Routers allocate IP addresses to computers connected to them from a "DHCP pool", a range of IP addresses within the Subnet.

Let's say for example, the router's IP address is and its "pool" from which it allocates addresses is to, your guests connecting wirelessly will get an IP address ending between 10 and 30. You can give your own computers fixed addresses outside this range, e.g. from to and configure the firewall in your computers only to allow access to computers with addresses ending between 40 and 50. The "guests" won't be able to access computers in your range.

For wireless access in the apartment, if you can hard wire to it, you could run an ethernet cable from your router to the apartment and attach a "Wireless Access Point" to it. Guests would then connect wirelessly to that separate Wireless Access Point.

Alternatively, you could attach a wireless "Cable/DSL Router" to the ethernet cable, which might be less expensive than a stand-alone Wireless Access Point (which tend to be excessively expensive for what they are).

  Woolwell 13:35 05 Mar 2010

You could run a dual ssid router like this click here

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