Secure Digital Card CAPACITY

  williamj 09:37 27 Oct 2009

The used capacity of my 1GB SD Card shows 139 MB used, with 832 MB Free when properties are displayed on my P.C.
However I am unable to add any more photos to the SD Card via the P.C. unless I remove some of the photos already on the card.
Can anyone suggest why with 832 MB free why more photos cannot be added to the SD Card.
Is there any difference in formatting a SD Card in a PC and allowing a camera format a SD Card?

  Mr Mistoffelees 09:40 27 Oct 2009

I had a similar problem with my first digital camera. You may find it is best to format in the camera.

  Peter 13:59 27 Oct 2009


Are the files being stored in the root directory of the SD card or into a folder off the root directory? If it is the former it might be that you have reached the limit on the NUMBER of files that can be stored in the root directory.


  williamj 15:51 27 Oct 2009

Thanks guys,
I put the SD Card into my Canon camera and used the format command in the camera.
All the photos I had transferred from my PC to the SD Card were removed, and SD card showed in Properties the full 971 MB and no files when in the PC.
I took 2 photos with the camera and the were stored in a folder called Canon_ DC.
I then started transferring photos from my PC to the SD Card via an USB adaptor as before, and I now have more files on the SD Card than before.
The transferrd file were stored individually and outside the Canon_DC Folder.
So it looks as if allowing the Canon Camera format the SD Card has solved the problem,
I will close this query when I have transferred a reasonable number of photos and hopefully still have free space on the SD Card.
Thanks again.

  Mr Mistoffelees 19:29 28 Oct 2009

Remember in future to never put your private email address in any posting on this forum. If someone needs to contact you directly, they can send a private mail to you via the envelope next to your name, without seeing your email address.

  williamj 20:14 28 Oct 2009

Mr Mistoffelees
Re email address. It was a mistake that I failed to correct.
When I was putting 'williamj' in the title my email address came up automatically, as both started with a 'w' and I failed to correct the miatake.
Thanks for the advice.

  johnnyrocker 20:30 28 Oct 2009

ah the perils of autocomplete:)


  williamj 09:48 29 Oct 2009

Confirming, formating the SD Card in the camera before adding photos direct from the PC solved the problem.

  woodchip 11:38 29 Oct 2009

If you Format in a PC you should only Format as FAT not FAT32. If you do it as Fat 32 it will not work at all in a camera

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