Secure BT Voyager 2001

  Ex plorer 10:31 26 Aug 2008

Hi I have a BT Voyager 2001 for my LAN, I have never Secured it to date. Now I want to whats the best way round, at the moment I am connected by a cable and don't use the wireless part. Can I disable the wireless side until required.
When my family visit they bring there laptops and they use the wireless side of it so I need to let them access the wireless side.

  Rayle 12:30 26 Aug 2008

Best place for BT answers click here

  Ex plorer 22:48 26 Aug 2008

Ok I am getting no where, I have googled to try and find out how to protect my LAN, there are disputes on if SSID should be turned off with XP,
Can I not password protect the wireless side of it and if so how.
Rayle Thanks for the link,I trawled through it but cant find what I want.

  Ex plorer 23:31 26 Aug 2008

Ah getting somewhere I now have got into my BT Voyager 2001 DSL configuration manager the name and password is empty, before I go ahead and put a password in how and where do I retype in the future to enable it.

  mgmcc 09:29 27 Aug 2008

Normally a router requires the entry of a Username & Password to access its configuration pages, but this is *NOT* the same as securing your wireless network.

Within your router's "wireless" settings you should find the option to enable WEP or WPA encryption, of which WPA is the newer and more secure type.

WEP requires a key of a specific length:

64-bit WEP uses 5 ASCII or 10 Hexadecimal characters

128-bit WEP uses 13 ASCII or 26 Hexadecimal characters

ASCII characters are basically the letters of the alphabet and numbers 0 to 9. Hexadecimal characters are the numbers 0 to 9 and letters "a" to "f" only, a total of 16 available characters. Ideally a Hexadecimal string should be used as some hardware doesn't like an ASCII key.

WPA uses a key of between 8 and 63 ASCII characters, which can include spaces. For either type of encryption, you can just make up your own key or use a key generator:

WEP key generator click here

WPA key generator click here

  Ex plorer 16:40 27 Aug 2008

Hi OK I am with you, as far as I can see I should run my network wizard again, I have a choice of WEP or WPA and above is the box which is empty where the characters go.

Once this is done and my family arrive how do they connect to my wireless network.

This is just a thought as I am not using the wireless side of it at the moment, if I removed the small transmitting aerial would that also help to stop unwanted access.

  mgmcc 19:25 27 Aug 2008

<<<<Once this is done and my family arrive how do they connect to my wireless network.>>>>

Run the wireless adapter's software, scan for "Available Wireless Networks", find and highlight the one that matches your router's SSID (network name) and select the option to "Connect" to it. You should be prompted to enter any WEP or WPA encryption key and, once "Connected", the wireless adapter should get its IP address by DHCP from the router and you should have network and internet access.

<<<<if I removed the small transmitting aerial would that also help to stop unwanted access.>>>>

Enabling WPA will prevent unauthorised access, but there should also be an option to disable the router's wireless capability. This is often in the protocol selection, such as - B/G/B&G/None.

  Ex plorer 13:36 28 Aug 2008

mgmcc thank you for your advice and time it has been very much appreciated.

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