Secunia PSI showing false errors

  sunnystaines 13:38 15 Aug 2009

anyone using this program getting false errors of out of date software relating to abode shockwave and flashplayer.

used secunia link to reinstall incase i had some problem but still get the same errors . Is it secunia or my system what results are you getting?

using latest version of secunia on xp media centre.

  crosstrainer 13:43 15 Aug 2009

I don't know of the particular programme you mention, but sounds as if you need to update your Java stuff.

Open control panel, and double click on the red Java icon.

Choose update

Hope this helps

  sunnystaines 13:45 15 Aug 2009

got latest java

  crosstrainer 13:47 15 Aug 2009

Let's have a look see a mo....

Seems a common issue:

click here

Might be wise to contact them if you can, or consider a change?

  feb 14:00 15 Aug 2009

Are you sure Secunia isn't finding items which were installed with other programs, games etc?

  woodchip 15:28 15 Aug 2009

If its a Updating Program, all it does is check the Date of things like exe file to see when created. if its old then it will say its out of date based on the date. even though kit works okay.

Best thing you can do is uninstall it, and get back to basics. Update when you have problems. Do not create them with things that do not need it

  brundle 20:15 15 Aug 2009

If the problematic files are in Windows\system32\macromed\flash, others have had the same problem; click here

It can also occur if Secunia scans the I386 folder on your HD - there's an old Shockwave .OCX file there which can trigger the warning. You need to add a rule to exclude the folder.

  sunnystaines 20:22 15 Aug 2009

thanks all for the imput, never had till a few days ago.

  spuds 22:31 15 Aug 2009

I have Secunia on one of my computers, and just recently it as been giving problems regarding update notifications for some programs. Wondering whether to un-install Secunia, because I am not fully convinced on its merits.

  sunnystaines 01:45 16 Aug 2009

i had it a few years ago was good then, but went a bit screw wiff so done away with it, brought it back several months ago after readers gave it some good accounts it it has certainly helped out a few times and provide the relevant links, but wondering if its going again on xp, with vista all ok.

  spuds 12:12 16 Aug 2009

Just turned the computer on, and dear Secunia PSI as informed that Apple Quicktime 4.x (1 problem) and Abode FlashPlayer 10.x (6 problems) are showing 7 threats. Downloaded new replacements as per options, and now to see if its cured the problems (again!).

I have only got Secunia on an XP computer, so I wouldn't have any information regarding Vista loaded machines.

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