Secrity update won't install

  faulties 09:53 25 Jan 2006

Every time I turn the computer on there's this little yellow shield telling me about a security update.

Everytime I turn the computer off there's this little multi-coloured shield telling me it will install it, but it doesn't. The shields are getting on my nerves..........

It's security update KB892843 for outlook express. As it happens I don't use outlook express I use IncredimailXe.

Do I really need to install this update?
If not how do I get rid of these damn shields?
If I do how?

Help please!


  andrew-196854 10:14 25 Jan 2006

the yellow shields you are refering to ,are what come with sp2, which is an update for windows xp ,i would not suggest turning these automatic updates off as they are important, they plug security holes in windows xp,

  jaritch 10:26 25 Jan 2006


Go to "start", "Control Panel", "Security Centre".

Then "Manage Security Setting for Auto Updates"

Turn it off.

Then on left panel "Resources"

"Change way Security Centre Alerts me"

Take the tick out of Automatic Updates.

I agree with dibblyduffus that these updates are important, and as long as you check regularly yourself then you can download what is necessary, when you want. Auto updates can be a pain especially if you are on dial up as they can slow everything down while they download.

  faulties 10:29 25 Jan 2006

But how do I install the update?

This has been going on for 2/3 weeks now. it takes ages for the computer to shut down every night 'cos it's trying to install the update.

I won't leave it on, global warming etc. and the shield's bugging me anyway. It just sits there in the task bar driving me nuts.

  andrew-196854 10:37 25 Jan 2006

you could try installing the update yourself by downloading it for here click here to see if it goes in that way or you could try and remove outlook express if you don t use it i think you can do it by clicking add and remove programs , and down the left there will be a box add and remove windows components

  beynac 11:05 25 Jan 2006

Have you tried double-clicking on the yellow shield and then leaving the PC alone for a while. This should install the update and then you shouldn't see the shield anymore. Sorry, I don't know how to get rid of the update if it it won't install in this way.

If you do as jaritch suggests, you shouldn't get anymore automatic updates.

  rsinbad 11:20 25 Jan 2006

Stop auto updates, reboot this should stop yellow sheild from appearing , manually check for updates if the update appears then select hide.disable outlook then resume auto updates.

  woodchip 11:41 25 Jan 2006

Turn Updates off. Do it manualy

  tonyx1302 11:51 25 Jan 2006

Hi faulties. I had exactly the same problem with this security update KB892843 very recently and rsinbad's posts sorted it out for me. I don't know how to use the 'click here' bit to take you straight to my previous post but if you go back to the posts for 16/1/06 my problem was headed 'Windows Update help needed'.

rsinbad found out that the KB892843 patch related to a outlook Multilingual Pack that I had't even installed. If you follow rsinbad's simple suggestions through it will cure it and hide it so it doesn't keep asking to be downloaded.

Be lucky


  faulties 13:33 25 Jan 2006

Won't let me 'hide' it.

Think I'm going with jaritch and woodchip and going manual.

This is for outlook express 2003, part of microsoft office 2003. I've tried to remove it as dibblydufuss suggested, it won't. It comes up with a message - Error 1327.Invalid drive: O:
I'm assuming this is because I install most programmes onto a partition other than C. I suppose I could install it on C but I like the way I've set this up, if I ever have to re-install windows all my programmes and files are still there on other partitions or drives!

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