Secret administrator on XP

  Stressed Mum 11:17 10 Nov 2008

I have just purchased a laptop for my daughter for Christmas. I would like to be the computer administor but do not want to have to set the user account password. In other words, when my daughter turns on her pc - can it show just her name and no other user account although she is limited? I need to be sure that she doesn't alter any settings or download 'stuff' that will bog everything up... The kids desktop at the moment is set for Administaor and 3 other users - and as this laptop if just for her - I wouldn't want all the fuss signing in and out all the time.

  PC Advisor Fan 11:29 10 Nov 2008


1) when the welcome screen comes up push control alt delete twice

you then type in administrator and leave the password blank

you should now be logged in to the administrator account

  brundle 11:31 10 Nov 2008

XP Pro or Home?

Download TweakUI. click here

Set up your daughter's account and create another Adminstrator account for yourself. Put a password on your account and the actual Administrator account itself (XP Pro will show both, Home might not). Now open TweakUI from your account and access the Logon tab. Untick user names you do not want shown.

The reason you want a second Admin account is that Home prevents access to the default Admin account unless you boot in Safe Mode, and it just makes things easier to manage if the default one is left unused in case you require it for recovery or troubleshooting.

Ensure the Welcome Screen shows at startup, even if it will only list the one account. (from KellysKorner, but doing the opposite of what the tip is for)

1. At a command prompt, type "control userpasswords2" and press Enter to open the Windows 2000-style User Accounts
2. On the Users tab, make sure Users Must Enter A User Name And Password To Use This Computer check box is ticked and then
click OK.

To access your own admin account from the Welcome screen, hit Ctrl-Alt-Del when it's showing (the Welcome screen) and type your account name and password into the box.

Be prepared for problems with wireless internet connections, games and a wide variety of other programs when running an XP as a Limited User. Very poorly implemented by MS.

  Pamy 11:31 10 Nov 2008

Is this laptop really for your daughter?

Sounds as though you want to be in control.

  Stressed Mum 13:23 10 Nov 2008

Yes I do want to be in control. As a responsible parent I need to be - she is not even a teenager yet. So thanks for your comments. A more helpful one would be more appreciated.

  Stressed Mum 13:34 10 Nov 2008

Hi Brundle! Right, tried PC Advisor Fan's suggestion - works - but I cannot change daughter to limited. XP Pro - so now going to have a look at your TweakTI link. Need to do that on her laptop though - will come back shortly.

  Stressed Mum 14:06 10 Nov 2008

OK. Doen as you suggested - this is going to work - just one more question please... as I have renamed the default account, and set up another account for me, set up my daughters account (limited). On start up I still get the default account (mine), and daughters aacount. When I tweak - it shows the three accounts above and also another administator DELL. Should I rename default account to me and remove the other one made for me?

  brundle 14:12 10 Nov 2008

You could do that, save having 4 accounts when you only want 3. Sounds like the default admin account created by the installer. Of course you need to logout out of the (admin) account you are logged into to see the changes after unticking accounts in TweakUI.

  brundle 14:20 10 Nov 2008

Just to clarify all this talk of admin and default accounts - one admin account that is left unused except for emergencies, one admin account for you to log in and do installations and maintenance, and an limited account for any other users.

  brundle 14:21 10 Nov 2008

or even "a limited account"

  Stressed Mum 14:47 10 Nov 2008

Uuumm not doing what I hoped. I simply want a secret admin account - but when I do that I still get an 'admin' account on start up along with my daughters. Can't seem to change it at all - that must be the default one - also there is another one hidded call DELL. I going for a sustem restore - as got all confused and I'll start again.

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