Secondary Master Drive (IDE)

  ribo 15:27 17 Oct 2005

Can anyone help please.I have just fitted a new DVD Rom drive.I already have a DVD RW.Drive This was the secondary master drive.The new DVD Rom is the slave.
Both appear to be working. Both appear in Device Manager.
I checked the Bios to make sure Master and Slave were the right way round (ie DVD R/W drive as master and DVD Rom drive as slave) BUT in the bios the Secondary Master IED says NONE. The secondary Slave is correct and shows the DVD Rom.
To symplfy what I am saying, both appear to work.In the Bios the DVD R/W Drive is shown as NONE. whereas the DVD Rom drive is correct and shown as slave.Help will be much appreciated. Thanks j

  DieSse 15:47 17 Oct 2005

If they both work there is not a problem.

The BIOS settings are essential for hard drives, but optical drive interfaces are a touch different, and they not infrequently show up wrongly in some BIOSs.

  ribo 15:54 17 Oct 2005

Thanks you very much for that. I checked in the Bios before I installed the new Drive, and they were both shown correctly.That is why I was concerned. As you say they are both working. Thanks again.

  ribo 15:56 17 Oct 2005

I was under the impression that you could ask the bios to "Auto Detect" the drives,but I cannot see how this is done. Am I wrong in this?

  DieSse 15:59 17 Oct 2005

In the BIOS you set the type to Auto - that's all.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:02 17 Oct 2005

At the bottomof the CMOS settings page will be a list of keys to press. Most BIOS use F3 to auto detect.

If you set the appropriate secondary master to auto then save and exit (F10)the drive should show up on the fisrt screen as you reboot the PC

  ribo 16:53 17 Oct 2005

Thank you both for your help. I have (thank to you,) found out how to check if the drives are set to auto,and they are. It still shows the master secondary drive as NONE. But as you say DieSse they both work so all must be well. Thanks again. J

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