Second system on Broadband

  [DELETED] 16:38 25 Sep 2003

I use NTL 600K (set top box - USB)for my desktop. I have just acquired a laptop and would like to use that instead from time to time - can this be done please?

I've tried searching the archive but couldn't seem to construct words to define what I'm looking for. I've also tried NTL technical support but gave up after holding on for around 20 minutes.

  [DELETED] 22:49 25 Sep 2003

Have a look at this site.

click here

There doesn't seem to be anything this guy doesn't know about cable BB and networking.

  howard60 22:56 25 Sep 2003

i have 600k ntl via set top box and have 2 pcs networked quite happily. I would suggest network is your safest bet but you can register 2 pcs or more when you run the ntl cd and get to registering you get the choice to add another pc. Just make sure they are called something different to each other.

  [DELETED] 23:10 25 Sep 2003

I have been struggling with this for a while to use my PC and my MACiBook Lap top Providing you have an ethernet connection on the laptop the answer is. Acquire a suitable length of cable with an ethernet terminal at each end. Simply switch off set top box remove ethernet connection from set top box. Then plug one end of your new ethernet cable into the laptop and the other into the set top box Switch on set top box and allow to boot up then switch on laptop when green lights have settled, I always reboot the Set Top When I change back to PC Good Luck

  [DELETED] 23:28 25 Sep 2003

thanks for the website Tim1964. That's very interesting for someone who works in the complaints department of one of the big boys!

  [DELETED] 23:58 25 Sep 2003

That's a bit cryptic, could you expand on your statement,


  [DELETED] 00:01 26 Sep 2003

just that I get to deal with quite a few complaints about the broadband service and this site looks like it's got some very useful info I may be able to use before I hand it over to the tech support guys. I prefer sorting out the customer myself.

  [DELETED] 09:59 26 Sep 2003

Folks many thanks for your input, looks like you've solved my problem.

Howard60 - how have you got your 2 systems networked? - words of one syllable please I'm 'network dyslectic'

  howard60 08:45 29 Sep 2003

both pcs have a network card in them and I have a crossover cable connecting them together. You can buy a crossover cable for the same price as an ordinary rj45 patch cable [these fit the similar looking socket as a phone cable on the network card] as long as you specify that you want a crossover cable. Also maplins sell a crossover adaptor for about £5 so that an ordinary patch cable can be used between the 2 machines. I prefer the network approach as I am not in favour of plugging in and out of cables on a regular basis. another thing you could condsider is a usb network cable which simply plugs into a usb port on both pcs. I have not tried this method though. If you need any further advice just come back to me.

  [DELETED] 10:08 29 Sep 2003

Many thanks - I think I'll try the crossover cable first.

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