second hdd advice needed Please

  STEVE71163 13:44 13 Apr 2003

I want to fit a second hdd and would like to know how to connect it up? Do i set my existing hd as master and the new one as slave? I am mainly setting up this second drive so that i can copy my os in case of problems. Also i have got a 80gb 7200rpm main drive,but can i use a spare 10gb 5400rpm hd on the same ide cable? or will the slower drive slow down the faster? Sorry their are so many questions!

  powerless 13:51 13 Apr 2003

As you say...

Set the new drive as a Slave.

7200 and 5400 on the same cable, i have that setup no problems here...Although i do not copy an OS.

On the back of each drive there'll be jumpers little fidly things just move them to there correct postion. Look on the shiny side of the drive it will tell you how to set the jumpers up.

Thats it really, the BIOS should detect the setup and away you go.

  STEVE71163 14:09 13 Apr 2003

Thanks for replying Powerless. I was thinking of putting my os and office suite on the 10gb drive and then everything else on the 80gb drive.

  STEVE71163 17:17 13 Apr 2003

Am i right in thinking that if i used true image and copied my c drive to my second hdd if i had a problem and changed to my second drive would i need to re activate windows and office?

  powerless 17:20 13 Apr 2003

I cannot answer that as i do not know the answer ;-)

You could always start from scratch setup the drives and reinstall everything.

You'll have to activate again but its easy.

  STEVE71163 16:06 14 Apr 2003

Thanks for the replys.

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