Second HDD

  GBL 12:14 06 Apr 2007

I have just finished installing a second HDD which I now want to use as the master and my old one as the slave. However I reset all the jumpers to make the new one the master with a slave, (as per WD instructions) and the old one as slave, but when I switch on it boots up from the old drive and uses the new one as the slave.
It still has Win XP pro installed on it, how do I get to format it and use it a slave.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:21 06 Apr 2007

Do you have XP installed on your new drive?

  GBL 12:31 06 Apr 2007

Yes I got it all set up and running before the switchover, so two drives both with XP on.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:14 06 Apr 2007

disconnect your original drive and check the PC will boot.

  GBL 13:54 06 Apr 2007

I can boot from either drive with the other disconnected, but now I have everything on the new drive that I need I want to use the old drive as a spare. But how do I get it formatted. Now that I have finished with it I thought that if I put it as the slave I could do it, but obviously not.

  skidzy 14:21 06 Apr 2007

Usb sata/ide convertor cable or usb caddy will do the job click here

Have you double checked the jumper positions.

  GBL 20:15 06 Apr 2007

Yes jumper settings are right, my HDD's are not SATA

  GBL 11:59 07 Apr 2007

In BIOS it is set to boot from HDD 0, which is that, is it the primary or secondary

  Taff™ 13:24 07 Apr 2007

Make sure that the Drive you want to boot from is set to master and at the end of the ribbon cable. The (old) second drive set to slave and on the second connector nearest the motherboard.

  GBL 13:45 07 Apr 2007

Did that but it still booted from the old drive which was set to slave. Which led me to wonder if that would be the HDD 0 in BIOS.

  Taff™ 07:14 08 Apr 2007

Can the BIOS see both Hard Disks and if so what does it identify them as? HDD 0 is usually Primary Master whilst HDD 1 Primary Slave - I assume you have Optical Drives on the Secondary ribbon cables. It could be that the ribbon cable is damaged, can you check by putting each drive alone on the end of the cable.

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