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  Alien463 09:54 13 Aug 2003


I made a post to this forum yesterday -

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and just wanted some input before I bought a second hard drive for my downstairs pc.

I was thinking of purchashing either:

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click here

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What do you think - I do need a large amount of storage - hence the large capacities of the chosen drives?

Also, will I need to purchase any of the accessories on the page?

Thanks in advance,


  stlucia 12:58 13 Aug 2003

It would be easier if you had continued your previous thread, then we wouldn't have to click back and forth to see what it was all about!

Not quite sure why you're going for an external drive. From what I can see your PC has USB ports which are unspecified, so they are probably 1.1, not 2.0, standard. The Iomega drive will work on USB1.1 (the others don't say), but if you want the extra speed which USB2.0 offers, you'll have to buy a PCI/USB2.0 card as advertised on some of your sites. Then you'll have to open up your PC to fit it, and you might as well fit an internal (and much cheaper) HDD instead.

  Alien463 16:25 13 Aug 2003

Right, i'm still back to square one in terms of what to do.

My current system spec is shown below (Belarc Advisor):

Windows Millennium Edition (build 4.90.3000) Compaq Presario 5146EA 470019-259 MODEL2
1300 megahertz AMD Athlon Processor
128 kilobyte primary memory cache
256 kilobyte secondary memory cache
Board: Compaq 0708h
Bus Clock: 100 megahertz
BIOS: Compaq 786K3 07/26/2001
Memory Modules c,d
WDC WD600AB-60BVA0 [Hard drive] (60.02 GB)
c: (on drive 0) 57.07 GB 2.02 GB free
d: (on drive 0) 2.93 GB 1.61 GB free
Slot 'DIMM1' has 256 MB
Slot 'DIMM2' is Empty
Slot 'DIMM3' is Empty

I have the following bus adaptors and controllers:

Bus Adapters:

VIA Tech 3038 PCI to USB Universal Host Controller
VIA Tech 3038 PCI to USB Universal Host Controller


Standard Floppy Disk Controller
Primary IDE controller (dual fifo)
Secondary IDE controller (dual fifo)
VIA Bus Master PCI IDE Controller

OK, my question/s is / are:

With my current system spec, I do need to seriously upgrade my system performance and storage capacity.

First things first, I need more space for my day- to- day use and the way I thought I would do that would be to buy a second hard drive to add as a slave drive.

However, would it make more sense to transfer all the data from my current drive to a larger capacity drive, say 120-200gb with a better spec, or would it be easier to install a slave drive to my current one?

There are a lot of things to consider, like what speed my motherboard supports. If for example my motherboard were ata100 and my current hard drive is less than this, slaving a new drive will force it to run at the slower speed on the same channel. Would this be a problem for me?

I also think I run USB 1.1 rather than 2.0, which means i'll have to buy a PCI/USB 2.0 card that I will have to install- therefore would it be easier to just buy an internal cheaper drive with this card?

Any help would be much appreciated.


  Diemmess 17:16 13 Aug 2003

On the basis of talking through a problem sometimes throws up previously unconsidered answers..........

You have really two separate problems

1) upgrading your system

2) Adding more non-volatile memory

Staying with (2) the hard memory problem and offering my views.
A second hard drive is to me better than one large one on its own. You can then juggle with formatting or replacement if desperate, without losing everything.

The fastest HDs are quick indeed but not all that superior. If you fit one to a slower system it is still available should you upgrade.

Everyone talks in huge HD sizes but few need the outsize ones at the premium prices.

If for security reasons you want to take huge backups away from the computer, then either the expensive (and relatively slow but convenient)external HD, or use the caddie kits which are available to allow a HD to be physically removed from your computer when switched off.

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