Second hard drive for PB iMedia 4605

  weschris 16:50 10 Sep 2005

I have a second hard drive in an external case but as it is connected via USB it seems to transfer files very slowly. I wondered if it is possible to put it alongside my internal hard drive. Although there are no fixing points in the internal vertical bay there is ample space for another drive. Will it do any harm to drill a couple of extra holes to fix the second hard drive.

  Diemmess 17:35 10 Sep 2005

Admire your enterprise...... there are several important things to be aware of (assuming it is out of warranty) - For instance big manufacturers use design shortcuts to pare production costs, and you might have difficulty with cable routing, ventilation and somewhere to plug things and BIOS recognition.

"A couple of holes" should be no trouble..... but make absolutely sure you don't allow any swarf to stay behind, and particulary use a steady hand. A small skid with a drill point and you may need a major replacement part.

  Diemmess 17:52 10 Sep 2005

I assume your USB port and O/S support USB 2?
Even this is appreciably slower than being internally mounted.

Transfer is the point of your question, why not try it and then treat yourself to a new HD for the powered USB case and have the best of both worlds.

  weschris 19:33 10 Sep 2005

No the ports are USB 1

  Diemmess 14:12 13 Sep 2005

Just noticed there have been no new posts for a couple of days!

If you are happy to remove the cover of your PC then you can make a decision without committing yourself.

To mount internally, you need the space obviously and your holes to hold it. Fixing doen't HAVE to be engineering quality. As long as the HD doesn't slop about when carrying the equipment a couple of screws will do.

Make sure there's a spare power lead available, though a new splitter costs very little.

You can set the HD as slave and may have to buy a new data cable so that both HDs are on the same cable.

When all is connected you can stop at the BIOS section and check that the new drive is recognised, before allowing the PC to boot into Windows.

Finally if you would rather stay as you are and merely increase the speed to USB 2 which is many times faster, you will have to fit a PCI to USB card into a suitable slot instead, but you will gain an extra 4 USB sockets.

XP and 2K both know about USB 2, but clearly your PC doesn't use these O/S s so you will need to load the drivers that came with the card and perhaps reinstall the drivers that came with the original external USB drive.

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