Second hard drive keeps disappearing

  Code Nil 14:06 24 Jan 2017

It reappears after either 1 or sometimes 2 restarts. Also having complete pc crashes regularly with the frequency of them steadily increasing to once every 2 days at the moment. The second hard drive is my E: drive and it just entirely stops showing up and i lose complete access to everything on it. When it crashes the screen freezes entirely until i forcefully restart it, if there is any sound playing when the screen freezes it creates a loud buzzing sound until its restarted.

  Jollyjohn 15:41 24 Jan 2017

First option is to disconnect that hard drive and see if issues continue. If they do then it is something else, if they stop, you have a faulty hard drive or at least a faulty cable connecting it to the motherboard.

  Code Nil 16:09 24 Jan 2017

Ah, well its a ASUS ROG G751JY laptop which cant be opened to get to the hard drive, so should i send it in for servicing to fix it or is it possible its software?

  Jollyjohn 10:33 25 Jan 2017

Is this your laptop click here if so then a single screw allows access to the hard drives.

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