Second Hard Drive -- Issues

  Sebby 17:56 31 Jan 2003

I had a Maxtor 60GB ATA133 7200rpm hard drive and bought another and installed it. The jumpers on both are set to cable select as I'm using 80-wire cable, so they are detected correctly as primary and secondary.

My problems are:

1) The system seems to lag and is noticably slower - what could be the cause and is there anything I could do?

2) When shutting down, it sounds as if one hard drive is turned off, then 5 or 10 seconds later, the other one, then it switches off - is this standard practice?

Thanks in advanced.

  Kyomii 18:09 31 Jan 2003

Take them off cable select setting (which was used more in the past on older systems) and set to primary and slave.

Then reboot and redetect drives in BIOS and check they are both showing correctly.

Then, once booted, check if DMA is enabled on the drives, and not being enabled can cause the drives to function slowly (its not always auto-enabled) (Found via Device manager)

  MMC 18:10 31 Jan 2003

Configure them as master and slave. This is easy to do and makes absolutely sure they are seen correctly by the BIOS. Does your BIOS report exactly the same for both drives? Run FDISK and make sure the partitions are correctly set up. What OS are you using?

  Sebby 18:18 31 Jan 2003

What would be the difference in changing them to primary and slave as opposed to cable select?

The partitions are definately set up correctly. I'm using Windows XP Professional.

How do I check if DMA is enabled? I look in the disk properies in device manager but it's not there as far as I can see.

Thanks for you replies.

  jazzypop 18:22 31 Jan 2003

Right-click My Computer > Properties > Hardware > Device Manager.

Scroll down to IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers, expand the branch, double-click, Advanced Settings

  Kyomii 18:56 31 Jan 2003

Have you put the blue end of the cable to the motherboard, the black end to the master (bootable drive) and the grey end to the secondary drive?

  Sebby 19:10 31 Jan 2003

If I look at the advanced settings under primary channel, both are using DMA mode 6, which I presume is correct.

The cables are definately connected correctly. Will setting the jumpers to primary and master really change anything? Isn't cable select the same thing really?

I wouldn't say the computer is really slow, but since installing the second disk, there is a noticable slow-down.

  slowhand_1000 19:37 31 Jan 2003

butting in on someone elses question......(apologies Sebby)

but I have checked to see whether my DMA is checked on disk properties and the box is unchecked. Does it make a lot of difference to performance. I have had a look on the internet at a link found through google, so now understand a little more about it. But the link didn't say it must be activated, but I gather by kyomii reply it would be beneficial ?



  Timeforabeer 19:44 31 Jan 2003

I am unsure from your post wether you have your drives on seperate ide cables...

If you haven't...i suggest you do, also make your hard disks masters over any other devices you cdrw/dvd

  Sebby 20:06 31 Jan 2003

The problem with that is if I have the hard drives as masters on the 2 IDE buses, then I'll have my DVD drive and CDRW drive as the secondaries, and so the hard drive speed will be brought down to that of the other drive, will it not?

  woodchip 20:16 31 Jan 2003

Also if you get the cmos to detect the settings rather than setting to Auto it will boot faster

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