Second Hard Drive for back ups

  robert01 13:23 04 Aug 2005

I am about to install another hard drive as slave to back up all my work. I don't want to back up just My Documents, My Music and Games - I want to copy EVERYTHING across from my old hard drive so if something goes wrong with it I can boot from the new one. Can this be done ? How best to do it, use Windows XP backup or just use copy function - and will all the files including any 'hidden' ones be present. Any help most welcome, thanks.

  rawprawn 13:35 04 Aug 2005

Acronis True Image is what I use, and besides having a backup on a slave HDD, it will also make a "Secure Zone" on your main HDD that you can boot from. I has saved my life many times click here

  EJ1947 13:54 04 Aug 2005

Hi - I have just done the exact same project by using XXClone ( click here ). A free download which copied absolutly everything including operating system, settings documents etc etc. Now I have two identical drives. It prompts to create a boot up disc which when used lets you into either drive. Without the disc in it boots to C as normal. Now I can see and copy across from one drive to the other and vice versa. I read up on XXClone and some had probs but it went smoothly for me even though the new disc had stuff on it. It formatted all automatically and quick too.
Now if one drive goes pear shape I would simply use XXClone to re-copy back again - a good secure feeling.

  EJ1947 14:23 04 Aug 2005

No you can't just copy everything to the new drive. Programmes, operating system etc have to be "installed".

  DieSse 14:34 04 Aug 2005

Cloning is OK - but takes a fair time to do - so tends not to be done often enough.

Acronis True Image will create a complete backup of the system, compressed (so you can fit a lager drive onto a smaller one). Then you can create fast updates to the backup every day, with little time or effort. I can backup my 120Gb drive to a 40Gb drive with no problems - which also saved having to get another 120Gb drive.

Also it images my Xandros linux partition at the ame time, as a bonus.

  EJ1947 14:52 04 Aug 2005

Not that slow DieSse. I cloned a third full 120 GB drive onto a new 80 GB drive and XXClone took around half an hour, formatting and all!
Many alternatives robert01, another is Norton Ghost - take your pick - they all will do the job.

  DieSse 15:04 04 Aug 2005

Only a few minutes for an Acronis update though - IMHO it makes it more likely that you'll do it more often.

Wait until you've got a three-quarters full drive .... ;-))

  Batch 15:41 04 Aug 2005

Once you've created your clone image, you'll need to copy YOUR data across regularly. Only you can determine what this includes.

Obviously "My Documents" or whatever you chosen to call it.

But also the likes of:


Address Book in

Templates (e.g. Word templates)in:
Note this includes Word's NORMAL.DOT which includes some (all?) Word Macros.


etc. etc.

An alternative to copying it to the specified locations is just to back it all up in an archive (e.g. onto the 2nd HDD or a CD) and then, should you need to use it, copy where relevent at that time.

  EJ1947 16:11 04 Aug 2005

Not a big chore. I drag and drop anything that gets modified regularly (depending what your usage is) from its original location on "C" to its corresponding location on "F" (as it is on mine).
Main thing is to identify the changes being made.
Batch has some good ones for a start (one I hadn't thought of myself - thanks).

  Happy Soul 17:39 04 Aug 2005

Just followed the link by EJ1947. Straightfoward making full back-up of 120GB hard drive, 40% full, to second hard drive. I never got a prompt to create a boot up disc though.

  EJ1947 19:22 04 Aug 2005

The prompt to make a boot up disc is a tick box at the bottom of the first setup screen. You need this to enable you to choose which drive to boot into.

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