second hard drive

  Les50 23:55 08 Mar 2003

i just fitted a second hard drive which happened to have windows XP installed on it , which i intended to format anyway.
If i boot into xp it recognises both hard drives.
But when i boot into Win 98 second edition it doesn't show the the second hard drive.
In the boot sequence it shows up as the second slave etc.
Here is the question
how do i get win 98 to show the drive?

  Djohn 23:59 08 Mar 2003

I think you will need to format the second drive and set it to slave, once this is done, then 98se will recognise the drive.

  flecc 00:01 09 Mar 2003

If the XP was using the NTFS file system, Windows 98 cannot recognise that on a local computer, so that's posible the cause of your problem.

When you format that drive make sure you format with the FAT 32 file system which both XP and 98 can use.

  MAJ 00:03 09 Mar 2003

If the second hard drive with XP installed is formatted as NTFS, Win98 will not be able to see it. If you have Partition Magic you can convert the XP drive to FAT32, then Win 98 will be able to see it.

  Les50 00:11 09 Mar 2003

I think you have hit the nail on the head it is NTFS.
I have partition magic 7 i will convert to fat32 and i am sure this will be ok
Many thanks for your prompt replies

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