Second hard disk.

  asstec 11:12 05 Jan 2005

I want to transfer all the data on my existing disk to a new one so they both have XP operating systems on them.I have done it before with ide disks but these are sata disks with no slave and master so what happens when you boot the computer.Can you still make one the boot disk.

  bri-an 13:45 05 Jan 2005

Not an answer to your query, I'm afraid, asstec, but how did you go about transfering the XP operating system to a second hard drive? I'm about to buy a 2nd drive and want to achieve this. Thanks.

  Lightchop 14:13 05 Jan 2005

In answer to the last posters question, see if you can find a copy of HDcopy.exe. Simple program which clones the entire contents of your master HD onto the slave fitted to the second channel. The software was freeware at one time, but I've not seen it around recently.

  asstec 14:13 05 Jan 2005

Best way is to use software from drive manufacturer,Maxtor have Maxblast,Western Digital have Lifeguard etc. which transfers all the data to new drive.You can also use Norton Ghost or Partition Magic if you have them.

  bri-an 18:43 05 Jan 2005

Thanks, guys, and best of luck getting your own original Q answered, asstech. Cheers.

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