second hand vista OS

  iqs 19:21 01 Feb 2010

Just wondering if I buy an OEM or Retail version of Vista Home Premium via a well known on-line auction web site,can I install it with the supplied key on my PC?.

  Pine Man 19:27 01 Feb 2010

OEM - No
Retail - Yes as long as it isn't currently installed on another PC.

  Pine Man 19:29 01 Feb 2010 it again.

On the basis that your key refers to a retail version - Yes.

OEM on the basis that it is installed on the same PC as the key - Yes.

  woodchip 19:30 01 Feb 2010

I have a OEM XP CD that will go on any of my computers Key and data is not cannot be kept long by MS due to Data Protection

  bremner 19:32 01 Feb 2010

One of the answers you have been given complies with the EULA and one does not.

  iqs 19:34 01 Feb 2010

Thank you for clarifying.It will be the retail version,thanks

  iqs 20:12 01 Feb 2010

Can you please explain bremner?

  bremner 20:20 01 Feb 2010

The MS EULA only permits an OEM disc to be used on one computer.

If that computer dies so does the licence for the OS.

It can not be transferred to another computer.

  iqs 20:49 01 Feb 2010

Many thanks

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