second email from plusnet

  herc182 13:50 18 Feb 2005

Got a second email from plus net regarding BT upgrading all broadband lines to support 8mB/sec speeds. anyone know where you can check when BT are doing what lines? i.e. when they will upgrade my exchange from 2mB to 8mB so that i can take advantage of plus nets offer to upgrade my speed free of charge!


  SANTOS7 14:07 18 Feb 2005

The only way you will know if they are going to upgade your exchange would be to phone BT as WE! do not know where you live.............

  BH34 14:09 18 Feb 2005

click here try this

  herc182 14:20 18 Feb 2005

here is what it found:

You are connected to the Balham (LSBAL) telephone exchange.

Your exchange is enabled for ADSL!
There is currently no spare capacity for ADSL connections at your exchange (BECAUSE I HAVE A BRAODBAND CONNECTION). Capacity is due to be increased on 28/02/2005 (WHOOHOOOO).

The following level of service is available at your location:

You can receive 2Mbps ADSL
You can receive 1Mbps ADSL
You can receive 512Kbps ADSL
You can receive 256Kbps ADSL

You are approximately 975 metres from the exchange (straight line distance).

However, there appears to a compatibility issue with your phone line. This could be caused by an existing broadband connection, ISDN, a DACS unit, TPON, a pending ADSL order or many other common issues. This will need to be resolved before ADSL can be supplied to your line.

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