Second drive appearing as primary how to i change?

  dave9782 21:49 22 Sep 2006

Hi i have a 2nd hard drive in my pc and it appears to be primary and i want it to be logical. How do i change this?

  ed-0 22:37 22 Sep 2006

You can't.

It must have a primary partition to boot from, even though it's a second slave drive.

What you can do is to partition the first section as a minute primary partition and then make either one or more logical drives for the rest of the drive.

I think thats right but am always open to more informed contributors.

  LastChip 22:38 22 Sep 2006

I think you are misunderstanding what a logical drive is and you need a bit of background to make sense of it all.

First, if you're using SATA hard drives, they will all be Master's. If you're using ATA drives, then they can be configured as; Master, Slave or Cable Select via jumpers on the drive.

Logical drives, are a software derived SECTION on a hard drive, which is used IF you are going to partition the drive. Partitioning is simply dividing up the drive into sections, that appear in Windows as separate hard drives, BUT, are in fact a single physical drive.

In order to create partitions, you would use either fdisk or one of the many utilities designed to partition drives; Partition Magic probably being the best known.

You then decide how you want to divide up the drive. Say for example, you had a 200GB hard drive and wanted to divide it into four equal partitions, each being 50GB. First you would create a PRIMARY partition of 50GB. You can now see, you have 150GB of hard drive unused. Next, use the whole 150GB as an EXTENDED partition. Finally, you would create three 50GB LOGICAL drives within the extended partition. (this is where your question originated).

click here for a tutorial on the subject.

  ed-0 22:56 22 Sep 2006

Last Chip

Windows XP has the option to do all this via disk management, for a subsequent drive. click here
Notice the primary, extended and logical drive tabs at the bottom.

these can be applied to your hard drive.

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