Second Dial up needs XP restart

  Patr100 20:23 15 May 2004

Windows XP. 56K Dial up. After my 2 hour cut off I might try to dial straight back in. Previuous ly no problem. Now the second time I dial in I get handshaking OK and "you are connected" but blank pages - "not found" in IE or Avant Browser and server etc not found in Outlook Express.
Not ISP related as back up Dial up has same problem.

If I restart Windows I can then dial up again.
tried checking what's allowed in Sygate Firewall but no help. Disabling Sygate has not effect either.Up to date with XP updates.

Anyone else had the problem?

  Night Ryder 21:36 15 May 2004

I had a similar problem recently. When on line my connection (56K modem) would drop after about two hours. When I attempted to redial the connection would fail. Only way to get on line again was to re boot. After analysing my system in this state, I discovered that a third party had tried to hijacked my system and was trying to dial a premium number. Because this type of call is barred by my phone provider there was no obvious signs other than a small icon on my task bar. I deleted all the evidence but the problem just kept coming back. It was only when I installed some spyware protection software that the problem finaly disapeared. Perhaps your problem is a similar one?

  woodchip 22:10 15 May 2004

Yes I have tried to get some answers on this myself on my 98se computer but it is an external modem the XP comp with built in modem does not seem to do it the same. It's just that it works better after a reboot

  woodchip 22:12 15 May 2004

PS it's not as bad as your experience though, it's just as if the modem ignores me when trying to get it's attention

  Patr100 16:41 16 May 2004

Thanks for replies. I thought it might be the last Windows update and removed them but then put them back on. I tried System restore at the time but It was unable to undo a restoration whcih makes me wary of it . I don't want to restore too far back if I can help it but I might have to choose an even earlier point.I have only had the PC for less than 2 months. Fine until a couple of weeks ago.

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