Second computer won't work through Netgear Router

  Bagge 21:29 06 Jan 2003
  Bagge 21:29 06 Jan 2003

We've recently reinstalled ntl broadband onto an XP machine and connected this to a Netgear RP114 router. After follwing all instructions and registering successfully etc, the XP machine can now access internet. However, the second machine (Windows 98) cannot find the server when we try to access the internet through it. Previously, we had the internet through the older machine, but now we've reinstalled it onto the newer one using an ethernet connection. As far as we are aware, both machines are set up correctly, as per the instructions. When registering on the Netgear site, followed instructions accordingly. Has anyone else had this problem, or know what we have done wrong? Any help much appreciated (please don't use too many long words mind!)

Bagge and Rich

  rickf 21:39 06 Jan 2003

Can the second machine see the first under my network plces? Check. If not you have to allow it access the 1st.

  jazzypop 21:43 06 Jan 2003

First things first - can the 2nd PC see the router?

Type into the address bar of the browser. This should take you to the router login screen.

Also, make sure you have disabled any firewall on the 2nd PC for now.

(I have the FR114P router - just the same I believe.)

  Bagge 22:05 06 Jan 2003

Typing the address doesn't do anything so maybe the second machine can't see the router? How do we tell if the second machine (windows 98) can see my computer or the router? And how do we change this? Ta.

  jazzypop 22:13 06 Jan 2003

Can you be more precise?

If you type into the browser and hit return, something will happen - what error message do you get?

You can also go to start > programs > accessories > command prompt, and type


Let us know what happens when you do this.

  Bagge 22:26 06 Jan 2003

Error message is 'Page Cannot Be Displayed' when typed in internet browser, message when do command prompt (from XP machine) is:

Pinging with 32 bytes of data:

Reply from bytes=32 time=1ms TTL=254
Reply from bytes=32 time=1ms TTL=254
Reply from bytes=32 time=1ms TTL=254
Reply from bytes=32 time=1ms TTL=254

Ping statistics for
Packet=4, Received=4, Lost=0

Approximate round trip in ms
min=1ms, max=1ms, average=1ms

Haven't tried this from second machine (windows 98) Command prompt not under that menu.

  jazzypop 22:34 06 Jan 2003

My apologies - forgot 2nd PC was W98. The Comand Prompt is called MS Dos prompt in W98 (from memory) - it is probably in Start > Programs, if not it is in Start > Programs > Accessories.

You should be looking for a similar response from the W98 PC as you got from the XP PC.

If you do not, try


from the MS Dos prompton the W98 PC

  Bagge 22:38 06 Jan 2003

from windows 98 second machine instantly says destination host not reachable...

  Bagge 22:40 06 Jan 2003

with, says similar to first try on xp
32 bytes, time<10ms, ttl=128
4 packets sent etc...

  jazzypop 22:45 06 Jan 2003

Does it say this when you try to ping If so, you do not have TCP/IP installed on the W98 PC.

If you only get this message when you ping, then there is likely to be a physical fault, or a firewall on the W98 PC.

First, check in the Device Manager that the network card is installed correctly. Then check where the network cable enters the PC that the small green LED is lit.

You are connecting the W98 PC directly to the router, not the XP PC, aren't you? And you did connect it to the router with a straight-through cable, not the cross-over cable that used to connect your W98 PC to your XP PC?

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