Second AMD Athlon 2700+ isnt working!

  Muckleface 19:49 07 May 2003

I built a system using the AMD Athlon 2700+ CPU, it was working fine for about 7 hours then it just turned off! My indicator lights showed that the CPU was the problem.

I sent the CPU back to and they tested it and found that it had "core damage".

They today sent me a replacement (after TWO WEEKS waiting!) which I installed into my PC.

But its STILL not working! My indicator lights show that the CPU is the problem again. Is as if nothing has changed!

Is it LIKELY that the new CPU was also "core damaged"?

Can anyone help me AT ALL?! Its causing me a LOT of stress :s


  Muckleface 20:03 07 May 2003

Anyone :'( ?


  Sion 20:04 07 May 2003

What heatsink and fan are you using on this CPU? Some of the bigger heatsinks can "crush" the core of the Processor.

  Muckleface 20:06 07 May 2003

Im using the one provided with the CPU, it was all in the same sealed box.


  Sion 20:15 07 May 2003

Hmmmmm... I don't know how well those heatsinks work so i can't give my two cents on that one. Personally, i always go with a decent coolermaster heatsink, and I have also bought a Shim, which fits on top of the CPU and under the heatsink which prevents core crushing. You can get them on click here for about £6.

But if this has happened twice with your CPU there maybe another problem. perhaps the BIOS settings are not right, and its burning up your core.

  .:º»[RjA]«º:. 20:19 07 May 2003

make sure that the heatsink is COPPER BASED and sits in the correct position.
Or try changing the FSB to 100.

Also depending upon ur load u may require a large PSW. I bought a 460w enermax and ALL my stability problems were solved. E.g i ran 3dmark2001 for 6 hrs on a loop and left a quake 3 server (hosted on my comp) with 20+ peeps on all the time running for a day and not on crash.

Email me for further info, u seem to be having the exact same problems that i had with my xp2400+. gg.

  Despicable Desperado 20:42 07 May 2003

If the heatsink/fan was in a selaed box with the cpu then it is an AMD retail pack and carries a 3 year warranty. The heatsink/fan is approved by AMD and should not cause any probs. Is your mobo jumperless or do you have to change jumpers to adjust fsb, frequency, voltage etc. Have you thought that perhaps the mobo might be faulty?

  Muckleface 11:45 08 May 2003

Ive got a 450w PSU. My mobo has jumpers but Ive checked and checked again that they are all set up right.

I assumed that the mobo wasnt faulty because it DID work for about 7 hours when I first tried the system.

However, it HAS to be either the mobo or the cpu doesnt it? I mean you only have to have a mobo, cpu and ram for the BIOS screen to appear yeh?

I rang today and they said to send the cpu back for testing, but Im NOT prepared to wait another two weeks plus for the result so Im taking the whole system down to PC World to get them to have a look because to be honest Ive lost all patience and the majority of my sanity with this PC building malarky!

Ill let you know what happens.


  Muckleface 18:40 08 May 2003

Went to Pc World...

"One week waiting list for it to be looked at, £50 for the first hour, £25 for every additional hour"

See ya later PC World!

I rang a local PC shop, they told me I could bring it down today and hopefully it woul be done tomorrow, if not then Monday. All for £30.



  VestanPance 21:27 08 May 2003

Just update us please, as I would like to know the situation now. Did you find out what it was, and what's the position with Aria? Ta.

  VestanPance 21:36 08 May 2003

I've just checked the date of your post - today! Sorry. But please let us know the outcome :)

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