Searching in Win 2000

  Simsy 11:59 08 Sep 2003

Hi folks....

I have Win98se at home. When I do a search i can browse/navigate to focus the search down within a drive... e.g. My "D" drive has many folders, if I know what I want is somewhere deep in a certain folder I can navigate down and then start the search from that folder down...

At work we are now using Win 2000... I can't fathom out a way of navigating down in this way. All I can see is the option to type a folder name, which obviously you nedd to know first.

Is there a way of navigating down before beginning the search in Win 2000? I've tried a search on this site, and also used the Win 2000 help, but to no avail.

As an example, the "S" drive I need to search is 400gig.... about half full. I know what I want is in a folder several deep, and that folder is only about 50 gig. I want to restrict the search to this folder

Any advise folks?

Thanks in anticiaption,



  Peverelli 12:41 08 Sep 2003

I can do it in XP, which I assume is similar to W2000 (looking at instructions here: click here suggests it is). Maybe the administrator at work has limited the options.

  The PC Doctor 15:47 08 Sep 2003

open up the search panel on the left and go to the 'LOOK IN' field drop down. Look at the very bottom of the drop down list and you should find BROWSE, click on browse and browse to the folder to start your search off from.

  Simsy 22:50 08 Sep 2003

I'm now at home, so I'll check this out tomorrow.



  Simsy 17:15 09 Sep 2003

that "Browse" is certainly not obvious... btu it is there. I hadn't spotted it.




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