searching a website before visiting it - JR virus

  goforit 18:35 17 May 2009

Having just seen the news about the new virus threat, I am wondering how I check out a website before clicking on it.

I know AVG will do this with Google search results but I have NOD32 by Eset. I have paid for the antivirus, antispyware, firewall and antispam version.

I also have malwarebytes and (not yet installed but downloaded) the superantispyware software.

Still not sure how I can check out a website before visiting it though.

Any help appreciated. My college has been infected by the Conficker virus. I have managed to avoid that so far but there are more and more threats out there!

  Belatucadrus 19:05 17 May 2009

One option is the "Scan with DrWeb" extension that's available for most browsers click here .It will not clash with incumbent AV software, but is a manual scan that gets DrWeb to check out a weblink when pointed at it. So useful if you have concerns over a link you've been sent, but not going to provide any automated protection when you browse.

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