Searchfilterhost.exe hogging 50% of my PC

  pdk 11:59 04 Dec 2008

I have finally found out what is slowing my PC and I thought I should immediately put it on the helproom forum so that (a) someone can advise me what to do (please!!) and (b) tell all other subscribers with vista about this problem...

I was amazed when I looked at the Resource Monitor this morning to find one program - searchfilterhost.exe - that takes up no less than circa 50% of the CPU capacity. This has seriously slowed my computer.

I looked on the www and found this was a common problem... one forum response suggested turning off the .xml file indexing. I did this and this PC became 'normal' but it turned off the search facility, which was then a hassle as I use it a lot... I put the xml indexing back and it slowed again...

I then paused the indexing and that also solved the slow down problem...

It this doesn't look like malware to me...

I would very much appreciate anyone's advice....

can indexing be kept on but maybe in a more restricted manner so that lower CPU resources are used??



  birdface 12:29 04 Dec 2008

Maybe try the solution on here and see if it here

  pdk 12:48 04 Dec 2008

Thanks but I don't think that before a spyware scan (my PC is well protected..) as a first step I need to know more about this searchfilterhost.exec.

Presumably its a Microsoft creation and does anyone else have this issue??


  pdk 12:50 04 Dec 2008

I have fully read your link.... I'll try it and come back to you.... Peter

  pdk 13:04 04 Dec 2008

Switching the service to manual also seems to work... I shall reboot and report back...


  birdface 13:07 04 Dec 2008 here= but so far I have not found a fix.

  pdk 08:41 29 Dec 2008

I found a solution (Microsoft could not help me!!) and I thought I should post it as there may be people out there who will take 2 weeks (like me) to sort it out.

I now believe that malware had taken over searchfilterhost.exe. This was fixed by (a) in the registry HKEYLOCALMACHINE>SOFTWARE>MICROSOFT>WINDOWS SEARCH I found that the key SetupCompletedSuccessfully was changed to 0 - change this back to 1. THEN set up a new index file and a new path in Indexing Control Panel and you should be shoiuld strat inmdexing again...Doing this is of course entirely at your own risk.. take registry back up and set a new restore point just in case... GOOD LUCK!!

  birdface 10:09 29 Dec 2008

Maybe try this. as it has worked for others. [disabling Windows Search in Administrative tools>Services]

  birdface 10:16 29 Dec 2008

Oops you have already fixed it well done.Thanks for the Information it might help others with the same problem.

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