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  Barold 00:23 10 Feb 2004

I am fed up with getting too much information in searches, with Google - or anything else. When I search on "apple pie" + custard I want to get ONLY sites containing the words apple pie and custard. I DON'T want a million sites containing only apple , only pie or only custard. Is there a search engine that does this?


  pc moron 00:36 10 Feb 2004

Google searches take a bit of practise, and I'm no expert!

If you select Advanced Search and enter "Apple Pie and Custard" into With The Exact Phrase Box, you'll get all the hits with "Apple Pie and Custard", and only "Apple Pie and Custard".

  Djohn 00:42 10 Feb 2004

As pc moron says, also you need to place the + sign before the second word without a space like this.

Apple Pie +Custard

  Newuser4508 02:11 10 Feb 2004

type "apple pie custard" and use the quotes this will list less than one hundered hits. if you want all the words to appear in a web page always enclose the words with quotes

  GANDALF <|:-)> 07:16 10 Feb 2004

Go to the Google site and carefully read their instructions, or you could even use...errrmmm...Google click here The usual computerspeak for this is, RTFM ;-)))


  Eastender 09:42 10 Feb 2004

Language GANDALF <|:-)> :o)

  Barold 09:52 10 Feb 2004

Sorry folks, I didn't make myself clear. In a nutshell, if I enter apple pie in the advanced search exact phrase box I get a load of apple pies, which is OK, but this is followed by a few hundred thousand entries which contain only apple and a few more hundred thousand that contain only pie. I just want the apple pies and don't want to waste my time looking through all the apples and the pies.

Reading the Google insructions doesn't help. Perhaps I should use another search engine?


  scotty 10:07 10 Feb 2004

Try putting a + before all the items you want e.g.

+"apple pie"+custard

  scotty 10:27 10 Feb 2004

To show this technique works try adding something obscure.

+"apple pie"+custard+xray returned "only" three matches

  DieSse 10:46 10 Feb 2004

I'm not sure what all this is achieving - "apple pie" is a very generic phrase, you're bound to get loads of hits - is this really what you're looking for?

What you need to do is refine your search - for example if you really want "apple pie receipes" then you should ask for that - this returns 3340 hits ALL of which contain the correct phrase.

All search engines use the same or similar syntax, and I've always found google to give goo relevant rankings too - this helps alot.

Really the message is refine your search - there are so many pages on the web now that you're bound to get thousands of hits with generic phrases.

  scotty 10:58 10 Feb 2004

Mmm... Just checked and the first + makes no difference. I was sure it did.

However, if the words apple and pie are included in the quotes, I only get matches of sites which contain the phrase apple pie. This is in the standard search page, not the advanced one. As you say, putting the same information into the advanced search throws up many more results!

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