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  Tittlemouse 12:07 18 May 2004

I want to change a CD Rom drive to a newer one and I feel sure that the subject must have been mentioned many times before with you people. Not wanting to waste your time and do a bit of research myself I have been trying to use the "SEARCH FOR" item at the top of the page and like many times before have not been able to dig out the archives for the subject. Perhaps the formula for it needs changing or do I need some tuition in how to use the faccility if so could someone please give me a few tips?.. Thank you

  anchor 12:13 18 May 2004

The search function on this site leaves much to be desired. Its very much "hit and miss".

Sometimes, I cannot even find references to subjects in "my postings" that I know are there.

  end 12:14 18 May 2004

suggest post the problem....(the "search" facility is "doing its "own thing"" and declines to co-operate ( I tried it yesterday for something and came up with nowt too )....

  Tittlemouse 12:22 18 May 2004

Glad to see that I am not alone with this subject. I half expected someone to tell me not to grumble about the faccilities.....I shouldn't think it neccessary to post another posting. The people that can change things must be able to read this current one and perhaps someone will have some idea's. Thanks for responding.....

  carper 12:33 18 May 2004

I've never been able to find anything in the search section, but I think it is because subscribers do not list their query with an intelligent heading which would be readily recognised as a particular subject. Maybe Forum Editor would ask subscribers to be more careful with this.

  Pesala 12:42 18 May 2004

Seems to be out of order today. It usually works fine, but you have to know how to get the best results. You could search for threads on "search" or "forum," but it isn't working so I'll post it again.

The first box seems to find only words that come first in the title search. The second box seems to find titles with the word in the title. So I recommend using both unless you are certain about the title. To find threads with the word "search" in the title you would enter "search" OR "search."

This site experience technical difficulties from time to time. Since it is free, it only gets fixed when staff are available to fix it.

The search for box at the top of the page searches the entire website. Use the facility on the left to search the forums.

  Tittlemouse 12:47 18 May 2004

At times I have used every way I can think of. Changing the words around, deleting words etc.etc. but to no good.

  Tittlemouse 13:08 18 May 2004

Thanks for the response but it looks as though I will have to post a new thread to get the answers that I want. Thank you......

  anchor 13:12 18 May 2004

Tittlemouse: I have been a member of this forum for some years, and have no confidence in the search facility. As I said, the search is very hit and miss, sometimes finding a reference, quite often not.

When at times it cannot even find words in one of "my postings" that I know are there; point proven.

So, if you can`t find the answer to your query via search; post a new thread.

  Djohn 13:27 18 May 2004

From the index page type in the first box CDR then use "OR" and in the second box DVD. include "all discussion" and tick all titles and results, it will return 100 results.

Not all are specific to upgrading a CD drive but most include installing/removing/exchanging/optical drives with some referring to hard drives. Just might be the one you need in there. j.

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