Search not working - Regedit?

  coolteentom 13:23 25 Apr 2004

Quite a long time ago, I ran Adaware, and it found Lycos SideSearch. This Lycos program was really annoying, as it changed the default search etc.

I deleted it using Adaware, but now when I put anything in the address bar to search, it come up with 'Page Cannot be Displayed'.

e.g. If I put in 'test' in the Address bar, instead of coming up with the default MSN Search for the word, it tries to load:

h t t p : / / / ? % 2 0 T E S T (I have put spaces so Pcadvisor doesn't recognise it as a webpage.)

Does anyone know how to fix this??

Thanks tom

  mgmcc 13:48 25 Apr 2004

In Internet Explorer's menus, "Tools > Internet options", select the Advanced tab, move down to the "Search from the Address bar" section and see which option has been selected.

  coolteentom 14:00 25 Apr 2004

Thanks for your reply. The 'Just go to the most likely site' option is selected.

  mgmcc 14:03 25 Apr 2004

In that same Advanced tab, have you tried clicking the button to "Restore Defaults"?

  coolteentom 17:08 27 Apr 2004

Yes, I've tried that

  Gongoozler 17:30 27 Apr 2004

Go into regedit and look for the string

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\SearchUrl

The entry for Default should be "click here"

  Gongoozler 17:33 27 Apr 2004

Where "click here" should read (without the spaces

"ht tp: / / home .microsoft .com / access / autosearch.asp?p=%s"

  coolteentom 19:33 28 Apr 2004

I've just checked that out, and there are 2 entries:

The Default entry contains the website you said above,

and a Provider entry contains 'msn'.

  Gongoozler 07:40 29 Apr 2004

In my Windows 98se registry for provider I have "".

My full entry for SearchUrl is:

(Default) "ht tp: / / home .microsoft .com / access / autosearch.asp?p=%s"

(A blank) "+"

# "%23"

& "%26"

? "%3F"

+ "%2B"

= "%3D"

provider ""

I've no idea what most of it means!

  Gongoozler 07:43 29 Apr 2004

I did have spaces between the symbols (e.g. the +) and the next part (e.g. the "%2B") to make it look more like the regedit display, but they got lost in the formatting.

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