Search network for 1 x users files

  m_hood 12:13 22 Dec 2005

Hi, I would like to know if there is a program that will allow me to enter the Author of a document in order to find it on the network. We have users who are reaching their Disk Quotas but are struggling to delete anything that will make an impact. This is due to files being strewn across the network and forgotten about. If I can search for all files created by this user and present it to them in a simple enough format, then they will be able to remove files that are no longer useful.

Does anyone know of a program that allows you to search by author name, or a simple script that can be run to acheive the same results ?

  m_hood 14:53 22 Dec 2005

I forgot to mention, I am happy to pay a reasonable amount for this software so if it is something that can be purchased via Shareware etc then that link would be great too.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:21 22 Dec 2005

Using operators to refine a search

Search operators are words and characters which the search engine reads as an instruction to search for combinations of words, fields, dates and numbers. It works the same way most Web search engines do (based on Boolean logic), with some very powerful enhancements. For example, you can not only search for two words which appear in the same document, but also what field they must be in, and that one should be judged as more important. Using wildcards you can also search on just a fragment of a word and Notes returns every word containing that fragment.

For example, to search for documents that contain the word "apple" and the word "banana", enter the following in the Search For field:

apple AND banana

To search for documents that contain the word "apple" or the word "banana", enter the following in the Search For field:

apple OR banana

( )[parentheses]

These determine the order in which the search engine processes sections of your query. A part of the query enclosed in parentheses will be processed before parts outside the parentheses.

Example: '(Field author CONTAINS Simpson OR Field Title CONTAINS tuna) AND (Field body CONTAINS cat OR Field revdate > 01/01/1999)' will find all documents whose author field contains the word Simpson or whose title field contains the word tuna. It will also find documents whose body field contains the word cat or whose rev date field contains a date greater than 01/01/1999.

  m_hood 16:08 22 Dec 2005

Hi, thanks for your advice so far. Can you confirm that I would type in the following using Windows Search:

(Field author CONTAINS Simpson)

And in which box would I put this? Would it be possible to enter this information when searching for "all files & folders" or is it restricted to "Documents" searching ?

Thanks again.

  m_hood 13:48 04 Jan 2006

Update on this one - if anyone can develop a piece of software that will allow me to scan a network drive and print out a simple list of directories where the users files are stored, then I will be happy to pay for that.


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