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  pj123 15:20 07 May 2004

When I first uploaded this website click here for my friend, who lives on site, the search engine spiders found it within two weeks. He has since enjoyed lot’s of enquiries and bookings. I have now just received an email from him saying he has had no enquiries since the beginning of March 2004. I have entered quite a lot of keywords into Google over the past 7 days and the site is nowhere to be seen anymore. Unfortunately, like 100s of holiday/b&b/self catering type establishments there are no “unique” keywords. But could someone look at the site and maybe suggest a few keywords to use to get this site back up on the frontline again. The difficulty is trying to put myself into someone else’s shoes who may be searching for somewhere to stay/holiday in France. For example, I know where the property is and can enter a keyword based on that and get the site immediately, but if I just want somewhere to stay in, say Brittany for a few days what keywords would I use. What keywords would you use if you didn’t know exactly where you wanted to be, only a rough idea of the area? I am using Dreamweaver MX and was told that something called “metatags” is the thing to use. How do I do that please?


  s3mt3x 01:20 08 May 2004

<title>Untitled Document</title>
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1">

There's your problem - no meta tags! When the google bots re-index a site, if there are no meta tags, it will skip it as there will be nothing to search for!

  Taran 09:42 08 May 2004

For thos new to metatags, I suggest taking a look at one of the better online tools for generating them first:

click here

There are lots of ways to get a search engine to recognise you and it can turn into a bit of a black art.

Combining relevant page titles with keywords in the metatags which, in turn, reflect the content of that page are still one of the best combinations you can use.

There is also something called a robots.txt file which can help work to your advantage:

click here

Most sites will be picked up within a month of being published, but getting them to the top of Google invariably requires one thing: money.

If there are ten thousand sites advertising holiday lets and rental properties in your region, that's what you're up against and you will never beat those odds without a very serious budget.

A combination of good site design (using XHTML instead of standard HTML can actually help with search engines) good site navigation, page titles and keyword metatags that reflect the page content and a robots.txt file can work wonders.

Whether you choose to use all or some of these methods is down to you, but since they only take a few mintues to sort out you might want to give your site its best chance and implement them all.

  pj123 11:42 08 May 2004

s3mt3x. Thanks but as I said the web spiders found it within 2 weeks (without metatags) and it was listed 5th on the first page of Google and stayed there for quite a while.

Thanks Taran. I will try all of them.

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