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  erkmatrix 10:14 01 Mar 2005

Hi I'm designing a Flash site for my new business Painting Portraits for people and wanted to know the best way of getting on the search engines. I don't want to start giving my money to these companies that say they can get me on allsorts of search engines cause I'll end up on spam databases and search engines and well there is only yahoo, google, msn and maybe ask jeeves that I would like my site to appear on.

Also if anyone could help also it a good marketing site to teach me the best ways of marketing a art site selling painting services and getting it on the right sites that people may see my link.

Most grateful here for any help as I'm not too up with search engines.


  erkmatrix 21:16 01 Mar 2005

The site only really has one sample page with all the images on and has lots of text on every page so thats not really an issue, however it does worry me that you said flash sites don't get good ratings. There are some flash sites in good positions aren't there, I wonder how they get there.

If I don't add my url to google how long does it take to get on there. Seems a odd way of doing, with all them new sites to check out.

  erkmatrix 19:34 02 Mar 2005

Hi again

Thanks for your advice I do really appreciate it. I have decided and started today designing a html version of my site and have a option to view the site for those with broadband the flash site and also have the maybe simpler html site for dialupers.

The only thing that I'm still unsure and wanted to ask is the front page will have only links to choose the html or flash version but is this a bad idea as the search engine meaning google will rate my site mainly from the homepage and its related words, so how would I get round this.

Also with domain names, I want to sell to America and rest of the world but want to obviously concentrate on the British market so should I get both a and .com address for the website as if I just got a .com or address I would perhaps alienate that market. But having both addresses is this also a bad idea for search engines rating a site.

Just be interested in your opinion about this.


  PurplePenny 23:30 03 Mar 2005

We have only a but we still get business from the States (c. 50%).

  erkmatrix 10:29 04 Mar 2005

I think I worded it all wrong basically what I was trying to ask was if I had a intro page in html but only had links to my html site and flash site on that and the business name the search engines wouldn't like that would they cause don't they go from the text on a index page and wouldn't bother clicking the links to the real homepages.

Is there another way around have two versions of a site to still get noticed by google.

Thanks purple penny for your advice on the I think I'll opt for that to begin with. But would having two and have them forwarded to my site be a problem for a search engine.

Hope I made it a bit more clearer .


  Talented Monkey 19:34 04 Mar 2005

You are right in creating 2 links for html or flash on the index.html page (first page )that loads Its not as if you are redirecting to another site with the links, I hope not anyway! You simply have 2 folders, one HTML version other Flash, and simply link to each folder, then set the homepage proper as index.htm in each folder. search engine robots will follow links automatically, so it will find the HTML index page and process accordingly. Might be best to place the HTML link before the flash. There is some code you can place, using meta tags in the html head section that tells robots what to do.. this is a good site to look at. click here

AS for other domain names, that’s no problem, you simply have those parked over top of your main site name. This is something your hosting company will automatically do if you request it at time of registration.

Personally I would drop the flash website all together. I am willing to bet most people will go to the HTML version anyway. Businesses should NOT have a flash website without the HTML equivalent, otherwise it will loose sales, as some people will not be able to access it or care not to.

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