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  dobbin 16:01 14 Mar 2008

I have had a long discussion with someone I am paying to optimise my site and we cannot agree. Yes, I know you all say never pay anyone to do it for you but I just don't have the time.

However he maintains that the best way to get high rankings is by blogging on something like wordpress. That may help but I feel that a better way is to have as many key words on the home page as possible and certainly most sites I have looked at that rank highly tend to bear this out. An extreme example is click here which always comes out on the first page of google.

What does anyone else think?

  Kemistri 17:36 14 Mar 2008

The keywords metatag is practically deprecated by the methods of contemporary search engines, which look for keywords in the body rather than in the head of a document. This delivers (or is supposed to deliver) more relevant results. That said, 35 words does not constitute keyword stuffing and it should not have any adverse effect with any search engine that may mark down for such techniques. Among the most important factors are high quality incoming links, with some relevance being an apparent advantage and the right balance of keywords in your content. That is a simplified hint at SEO and SEM; you could write a book about it and plenty of folk have.

  Forum Editor 17:49 14 Mar 2008

and uses a highly complex (and confidential) method of page ranking. Anyone who charges you for 'optimising' your site is simply going to do things you can very easily do for yourself, once you understand the basics.

One of the single most important factors is inbound linking, as Kemistri has said, Google certainly utilises inbound linking information in its ranking system.

Make sure your content is varied often, and that it contains relevant keywords; don't flood your text with repeated keywords, you'll be penalised for it. Check all your links regularly, to ensure that they work, make sure your site navigation has no faults, and that your code is validated.

Do all that, and Google will find you. It's up to you to have a site that is so attractive and so interesting that traffic will build. Work hard on reciprocal linking - find other sites with content that is relevant to yours, and make contact with the webmaster.

  dobbin 17:53 14 Mar 2008

Thanks for your opinion kemistri. I knew metatags are of no use these days but what about blogging does it really help?
Also if you look at that site [nothing to do with me I hasten to add] it certainly has many more than 35 key words with no apparent adverse effects.

  Kemistri 17:59 14 Mar 2008

I counted 35 keywords in the metatag. I assume that is what you were referring to.

  dobbin 18:01 15 Mar 2008

no I meant the number of keywords incorporated as thinly disguised copy on the home page - they really amount to lists of key words including towns and counties. Seems a very clever idea to me.

  Patr100 23:13 16 Mar 2008

It's not clever at all. That site you showed as as an example is full of bad practice eg keyword stuffing and repeating which Google frowns upon and as said can penalise you for which will have the opposite effect to what you want. Write content for humans not potential searchbots.

As said, You need links to your site from other estalished relevant sites with high google rankings.

There is a trend for blogging as a means to try to bump up ratings but blog because you geuinely have soemthing interesting to say or share not for the sake of it for SEO or not.

  dobbin 08:20 17 Mar 2008

Patr100, to a web designer I am sure it looks awful, but it does get him consistently on google page 1. So it seems google may frown on the practice but does not do anything about it. I am thinking of doing something similar on my site.

  Patr100 11:50 17 Mar 2008

You can report such Search spam and blantant attempt to stuff key words to Goggle . which I have just done for that site - It's unethical and Ggogle can demote sites for it.

If you want your users to wade through spamwords then use it at your peril. We don't actually know that they stuffing has actually been the reason they are currrently first. They may have more backlinks.


  dobbin 12:14 17 Mar 2008

I did not mean to land the poor chap in the s**t, I was only using the site as an example - its only a small business and they really could do without that.

However with people like you around I will certainly not employ similar methods on my web site. But thanks for your advice.

Incidentally I read an ebook book by Steve Johnston, Google Consultant, called '50 ways to make Google love your site'. Barely understood a word!

  Patr100 18:16 17 Mar 2008

I wouldn't lose sleep over them. Many other small businesses who are trading online using legitimate methods of SEO also could really do "without that".

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